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Read This To Learn How to Save 💵

Click on this Pepsi link to read a post about the carcinogenic ingredient in Pepsi. Click on this  link for a comparison of both. First and foremost, I will state that when I read an article such as this, ousting one of the largest software producers in the world, I look towards the competitive advantage that it will create for its closest business rival. That said, I am happy to post this article along with some images of healthy beverage related material. Today’s Tuesday class is about this subject. The Tuesday pillar of the 7-Pillars of Beauty Program is about the food and beverages that we consume everyday. Tuesday classes focus on medical studies and food recipes to help you transition

7 Exfoliation Tips to Consider

I’ve posted several blogs on exfoliation both on this site and my old site. I will add more information on the subject, but I will not repeat the tips that I’ve already posted. The reason is to save time for those who have read my prior posts and also to keep this blog post from becoming an entire book on exfoliation. 😉 Hope the images above are helpful in answering some basic questions. The reason that exfoliation is one of the 7-Pillars of Beauty in my Profram is because having glowing, flawless skin requires proper exfoliation. There’s no way around it. It is a vital component of any skincare routine. I will recap only 2 basics, quickly. What is exfoliation and why should you care about

Every Saturday Class is About You Loving You 🥰

This Saturday I had a few personal stories to share about my week. I opened the class for discussion on how those who attended would have reacted. A special thank you to all who participated 🎉 You amazing ladies are hilarious! Here’s the promised post for you to share. The following short recap will touch on a couple of the many points discussed in class. I am posting this recap because I feel the information is vital and I will not teach it again. (Plus, it was requested.) Most of the information in my classes is new every day. The topic is always in line with the pillar of the day I am teaching, but I work very hard to bring you new information during every class. You deserve it 🌸 Speaki

Flawless Beauties USE Essential Oils (Special Offer-Must Read!)

The basic fact about essential oils is that they “were mankind’s first medicine. Egyptian temples were dedicated to the production and blending of the oils, and recipes were recorded on the walls in hieroglyphics.” Connie & Alan Higley 2014 Ed. I sell one of those oil recipes. It is called Egyptian Gold. Any person familiar with the Bible can verify that there are many references to essential oils in the Bible as well. I sell a kit called Ancient Scripture Kit, which contains a set of 10 bottles of 10 different oils mentioned in the Bible. The only company that I carry and sell is Young Living. (YL) YL has partnered with the most prominent Universiites in the United States and abroad to cond

What Forces Make Up Our Reality? Watch this Video and Find Out

Is there is something inside each of us that wants to know what’s going on with the “magical forces” around us? Why does a seed that is combined with light, placed in dirt or water, sprouts a living plant with food? Why does a single cell inside of a woman looks to be fertilized and then creates an entire human being with a soul? The video taught me that PLASMA, not matter, is what is responsible for life and the surrounding forces. Matter cannot be destroyed or created, only changed from state to state. Plasma on the other hand is much more “adaptable”. 🙏 YouTube Video If you’re a curious soul like me or if you know of someone who finds our life’s forces interesting, this post is fo

Friday Makeup Class TIPS- For Brown & Hooded Almond Eyes

FREE TIPS 🎉 Make sure to subscribe to receive notifications of posts like these. To me, Makeup is the ability to highlight your favorable features and diminish attention to your less favorable features. If you’re wanting a complete transformation of what you look like, my blogs will not be helpful. My blogs, my classes and my entire business are based upon the concept that you’re beautiful exactly how agod made you. Make up is a fun way to express our individuality. There are a few exceptions to my teachings. For example, those born with severe facial deformities, the need to color correct for birth marks on the face and neck or those who have sustained permanent injuries are all exceptions

Delicious, Easy, Multi-Purpose Breakfast Recipe 🎉

This morning was inspirational. While I am vegan, I respect my family’s wishes to eat animal products. In the past year I’ve influenced a little. Their cooking habits now include a lot more fresh and steamed veggies with a daily cocktail of fresh fruit in the morning. Their favorites are papaya, pineapple with honey, bananas, apples and pears. Cow’s secretions with puss, AKA “milk”, has been a constant in my parents’ morning meals. Today I was able to convince them to try an “oat milk” banana shake; vegan of course. They LOVED it! They said it tasted better than the cow stuff. 🙏 The recipe is simple and delicious. Vitamix the following ingredients: 10 dates 1 cup oats 3 cups of filtered

The Sugar Bowl is Both Glamour and Struggle

SA new requested article This post is to give you words of encouragement, tips on how to overcome struggles to be more successful and some personal anecdotes of why these tips have worked for me, for others and will also work for you. Ready? Let’s jump right in. Sugaring is a lifestyle. Sugaring is a very specific lifestyle. Let’s be clear! If any type of sexual activity is being exchanged for some sort of payment, you’re not in the Sugar Bowl. This type of activity is legal in specific portions of the United States and there is nothing wrong with that legal profession. It is just not Sugaring. Calling it such confuses your clients who may be looking for a straight pay per meet. This co

Aloe Vera, ALL Natural, DIY, At Home Hair Masks

Credit for pictures above: BlissOnly.com Beautiful, voluminous, healthy, shiny hair is what we all strive for. This post is to give you some recipes and ideas of how you too can make your own, DIY, quick, at home hair masks. Even though I share my personal recipes during my weekly classes, these recipes are amazing as well. First of all, you will need an aloe vera plant. You can purchase one at your local hardware store. You can purchase them online. You can grow them from a seed. You can ask a neighbor or a friend for a small baby plant that the larger aloe vera plants make as they mature. Point is, you have many choices and many ways to acquaint a new aloe Vera plant.or you can also purcha

Exercise TIPS. Before Bed, When You Wake Up & During the Day

You don’t exercise because you don’t have time to get ready. You don’t feel like dragging a gym bag and driving to a gym? You don’t have anyone to watch kiddos? You cannot fit such extravagant time into your schedule? Whatever excuses you tell yourself for not exercising are very valid. Allow me to be the first to say to you that I understand EXACTLY why you don’t exercise at all. How can anyone expect you to exercise with such a demanding schedule that most working adults have? Between work, romantic partner, kiddos and cleaning house and family demands, NO ONE has the time for silly things like working out. Only single people who have nothing better to do work out right? Only people who do

Bad things happen to everyone-even good people

Today’s post is on self care because today is Saturday self esteem class. Ahead of class I am posting my prayer this morning and my reflections. Read this post, share and talk to someone close to you about doing this exercise together. Then, give each other feedback on what YOUR prayers looked like. In today’s class we will discuss as a group your observations. The social media universe has been overtaken with life coaches, consciousness experts, happiness promoters, success builders, and the whole bunch. Not sure if you have noticed this trend exploding after the movie “The Secret” came out. Point is, everyone suggests that all wrongs can be made right with the simple act of thinking positi

My Greek toes vs Ballet Point Shoes

This is a #dance post. If you’re not a dancer, you may have a child, a family member or a neighbor with a young child in dance classes. This post is for you to share. When you place your young child into any kind of dance classes but especially ballet classes, it is important to consider your child’s toes when buying them their dance shoes. My toes are “Greek.” My dance shoe NEEDS, for my type of feet, are very different from the other types of toes. There are wedges and pieces of foam to cushion your child’s point shoes but the most important aspect of shoe fitting is to make sure that all toes have equal support. For ex. my toes need a thin support wedge on my big toe, in order to comp

10 TIPS - ACNE Reasons

Let’s start with the definition of acne. Whenever you speak with someone about a subject, regardless of the subject, make sure to know the dictionary definition of the words being used. With time, you will realize just how much daily conversation is held by everyone around you, with people NOT knowing the real definition of what they are saying. The reason for my definitions in my posts is to give you that type of information. What is acne?  According to Wiki- Acne definition : This article is about a skin disease common during adolescence. For other acneiform skin diseases, see Acne (disambiguation). Acne, also known as acne vulgaris, is a long-term skin disease that occurs when hair follic

UPDATE: Seeds Planted January 31, 2019 Have Sprouted 🌱

This is the continuation from post: Seeds Planted January 31, 2019 The picture above has cabbage and strawberry seeds sprouting January 6, 2019. You too can plant your own seeds by following the step by step instructions from my prior post. As the seedling grow and needs transplanting, i will take pictures and post for you to follow. Yesterday morning was when I noticed the first sprouts from the broccoli seeds. These seedlings have been growing very fast. Notice their growth from January 5th to the 6th- picture below. After the broccoli, peas and lettuce also sprouted later on January 6, 2019. If you would like to suggest a topic or have a topic that you would like me to answer, leave a com

Is YOUR Skin Tone Warm, Cool or Both?

During my private sessions, one of the first questions that I ask is, “Are you familiar with your color palette?” The reason that this is the basic question for all fashion, style and makeup private sessions is because YOU need to know what your colors are before you go shopping for clothing and makeup. The famous stars look fabulous all of the time because they have dedicated teams of experts who are constantly dressing them to flatter their height, their skin tone, their hair color, eye color, and every single feature on their bodies. Then there’s the other set of experts who style their hair and makeup, take their pictures and HEAVILY EDIT those pictures. Setting a goal for yourself to lo

Hate. Hate. Hate.

This week is the Tucson gem show 🎉. If you don’t know what it is and you like shiny rocks, like I do, you need to find out! I know the Denver Merchandise Mart used to have one too, on an epic scale. On my way to the show, I had a white male, in his 50s, 60s, driving a newer model Jeep begin his road rage against me because I dared to switch to the left lane (it is not “his” lane). I was passing a semi truck and put my signal. I also waived to thank him for letting me pass. As soon as I was in the left lane. My mother noticed the vehicle getting very close to our rear bumper. By close, I mean, I could clearly see his sunglasses and his entire facial features on my rear view mirror. I made ma

Black History Month FB Response. Hate is hate. Skin tone, religious beliefs and geographical locatio

VivianElizabeth Marquez DeLa Garza Hi there, I obviously don’t speak for Josh in any way but I just wanted to say a couple things... First of all, the “B” in Black is capitalized. Second, as white or non-Black women, we NEVER get to minimize, define, or explain what is or isn’t important, traumatizing, etc. to a Black person about their history. It’s THEIR history. Black History Month is of the utmost importance because the history of Black people has been whitewashed and covered up so that most white people today are completely unaware of true Black history (or current affairs). Furthermore, reparations have never, ever been paid to Black people, as they have to other races like Jews, for t

#DIY #Gardening #organic-January 31, 2019 Seeds Going into Seed Starters 🎉

Today’s post is about organic food from seed packs. A common feedback topic that I receive is about the high price of organic food. Here is a post to prove just how INEXPENSIVE organic food can be AND to prove how it is NOT time consuming to get started. 👏 Step #1. Buy seeds. The majority of my seeds are purchased at the end of the season. Most, of not all stores are left with flower seeds, fruit and vegetable seeds that are not sold by the end of the season. Most of my seed packs are purchased from these sales. The $0.99 cent seed packs are discounted to $0.25 and then down to $0.10 before they’re removed from the floor at the Dollar Tree store. Step 2. Buy items for planting. These “Seed



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