Arizona High School Presentations on
Nov. 14 & 15, 2018

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November 14 & 15, 2018 Arizona HS Presentation

If you know of someone who may also benefit from the information that you heard, print the PDF and share it.

Physical violence is a crime.

I admitted to you all that I did not have the strength to ask for help. I also felt shame to let anyone know what was being done to me.

There are no words to describe my admiration for the anonymous individual who was brave enough to ask for advice.

Remember, i never asked for help and i never called the police.

Because the individual who left this on my site was gone by the time i saw the text, I am writing an entire piece, just for you, with the hopes that you come back to read my answer.

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The laws are in place for your protection.

The City's Chief of Police was present for the first presentation on Nov. 14, 2018. He explained that he had been to several homes of students.

He organized the presentations to have me explain to you the consequences of not asking for help.

I hope that you all remember that the longer I avoided asking for help, the crimes against me became more horrible.

Asking for help is the right thing to do. When someone 'gets in trouble' for doing illegal things, IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT.

Adults MUST BE RESPONSIBLE FOR FOLLOWING THE LAW. When adults break the law, adults must face the consequences.

I am writing a blog for this subject as well. I hope that you come back to see the answer.


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