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TX & NM Corrupt Family Courts and their Corrupt Political System


Please sign these petitions: White House & Change.org!

The purpose of elected officials is to assure our safety in society, to protect our human civil rights, to uphold the Constitution (Federal and State), to immediately respond with the full force of the law when a civil servant under their office is behaving like a criminal, to assure their constituents that our trust in their leadership is well deserved, by taking seriously their duties and behaving in a manner that is empathetic to the people they represent. (Just to name a few duties)

Being an elected official bestows privileges that the common human being living in the United States is not entitled to. However, with these privileges, a large set of obligations are expected of that elected official, as the civil servant that they are.

When those in power abuse their power, (entrusted to them by their constituents) to bully, intimidate, harass, to pull favors inside a courtroom or with the police, basically when civil servants behave in a criminal manner by violating the set of laws that they are supposed to be custodians of, they must be criminally charged and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. No exceptions.

When there is no punishment, then there's no accountability for these criminals who are serving as civil servants in official roles. Furthermore, there is no incentive to cease their criminal behavior (to stop abusing the people they are supposed to be protecting).

My case is so important because the overseeing agencies themselves have been attacking victims, under the "justifiable reason of: just following orders from higher up officials."

Originally I sought to find help for my child and my case. The more research i did, the more my heart broke at realizing just how common my case is nationwide, in the United States family court system. No more. We must take a stand. We must make a change.


Judicial Abuse: Mikhael Rafael Federal Law Petition

How This Petition Began

It was an illegal arrest, (family court judge sentenced me to 364 days in county jail with no bond hold, even though i had no criminal history, no attorney, and was not allowed to obtain counsel), that prompted in me the need to share the judicial abuse, judicial bullying and judicial victimization that I continue to be subjected to.

It is my opinion that the United States family court system is gravely infected. This infection is causing untold numbers of children tremendous damage. All of us in society have a moral duty to change when something in government is broken.

Please share on your social media and support this petition.



This Site

There have been several versions prior to this site (live February 2018) dating back to December 2015. These prior websites' content is linked to the posts and videos on this site. Several websites later and many lessons learned over the years, I am thankful for all of your support that you've given me since then. A BIG Thank you to my blog subscribers and faithful workshop attendees!

The site is broken up into three sections. In one section, you will find dates to my workshops, information on how to book me for an event, and all of my health and beauty posts and videos.

In the second section you will find reports of events I've covered, highlights of amazing local businesses and local causes. 

In the third section of my site you will find the Mikhael Rafael Federal Law Petition, cause, articles, and event information. Kindly take a few minutes to go to the change.org site and sign the petition.

It is my hope that this site and the accompanying YouTube channel will allow the truth to shine brightly and where i can share my passion for a healthy lifestyle, share fun events. I hope to use this medium as a tool to bring awareness of the viral proliferation (Judicial Bullying) plaguing the United States Family Court System.

#JudicialAbuse #JudicialBullying #JudicialVictimization

I look forward to the continued ability to easily connect with viewers with whom I would’ve never been able to reach otherwise.

If you’d like to learn more about any of the topics covered, my videos or my cause, feel free to contact me.

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