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2018 Goals for Me


This post is based on www.alfc.com's sermon on January 14, 2018.

December 2017 included the 3rd year that i had not seen my child. The entire month of December was a major time of reflection for me. My analytical brain needed my normal lists which are prioritized. The month's lists included goals, which i had not dared to consider before. These new goals came about due to my inability to make the New Mexico legislature take notice to the urgency of my cause. Instead, September 2017 I witnessed the blatant disregard for the law by Judicial Standards in Albuquerque, after a State Senator testified on my case's behalf. This was the turning point. I decided to change the strategy of finding ONE SINGLE agency, or individual who would report the corruption at the family court system in Bernalillo County to the AG Jeff Session, to a more broad approach. My thinking evolved from, how can my case be reported to the appropriate authorities for proper prosecution, to- this situation that my child and i are being subjected to, must be avoided in the United States in the future. In other words, my thinking evolved from how can i help my child and myself get out of such pain and suffering, to how can all children in the United States' family court system be helped to hopefully make it more difficult for biased/corrupt judges to continue doing what has been done to us. #JudicialAbuse #JudicialBullying #JudicialVictimization #JudicialCorruption #FamilyCourtCorruption #JudgeBias #JudgeGrudge

The first two weeks of January 2018 were spent on designing what i had brainstormed and planned in December 2017. The project has been to create a medium that would serve as a platform for a new federal law, and would also serve as a venue that would allow me to continue to feel joy and happiness, without having to give up my life in order to pursue this new federal law petition.

The solution that i envisioned was to refurbish the www.ElizabethSite.com and to purchase www.MikhaelRafael.com as part of this new path.

On January 14, 2018, my pastor touched on exactly what my path was for 2018. The subject was growth.

By February 1, 2018, i hope that the www.ElizabethSite.com project is live and the www.MikhaelRafael.com site has been registered with www.change.org.


Have I asked myself what is my 2018 vision - hope for my life? The answer was clearly yes. For six weeks that was all that i had thought about and had already spent 2 weeks creating that vision.

Do i understand the definition of growth? Do i embrace growth? Do i set myself up for growth? Do i understand what it takes for me to grow?

My pastor gave several definitions of growth. I wrote down "to increase in influence or effect. Originate. To create new. To bring new into my life. To raise." He continued, "To increase gradually in size or amount."

We live in a society that demands immediate results. A society that values popularity above values and morals. A court system that sells the law to the one with the most money. People who punish peers for not being respected when their behavior is not honorable and offer zero respect to anyone. Zero accountability, pride, arrogance and narcissism have become the trade marks of our American society. (My words, not my pastor. His words are quoted.)

My pastor did mention that he viewed our society as one which might not 'like' the phrase "to increase gradually." Specifically, that we would not like the gradual part.

If we are not receiving immediate results with immediate satisfaction, people simply move on.

Pastor Charles gave the story of how a farmer can have a barn full of grain. The grain will sit there unattended, until the farmer makes the decision to plant it in good ground.

Not only does the grain need to be planted by someone, in good ground, but the grain must be watered, tended, and ultimately harvested when the grain has grown and matured.

How many of us look at the grain in the barn and wish it to be harvested in bushels all ready to be sold, without having to plant it, without having to care for it and water it, without having to wait it for it to grow, and without putting in the effort to harvest the finished crop?

Can anyone relate to this story?

Pastor Charles said 3 conditions are usually present when growth occurs. 1. DNA, 2. Outside Power, and 3. Conscious Effort.

1. When a child is young, a child has DNA instructions to grow. Life acts upon the child for that child to grow and mature.

2. Outside Power. The grain in the farm is an example of this type of growth. An outside force acts upon the self, to the point that growth occurs.

3. In my opinion this is the most difficult: Conscious Effort.

James 4:6 "God resists the proud but gives Grace to the humble." Whoever would like to go against God, is probably not at church and they are probably not reading my blog. So, for those with any sort of narcissism, pride, arrogance, etc, the Bible states that those people will encounter God's resistance. While the humble will receive God's Grace.

Because it was on Martin Luther King Jr.'s holiday weekend, (the link has his biography) the topic of this sermon was especially important. MLK Jr.'s definition of greatness was that those who are great are servants. MLK Jr.'s quotes on serving. Therefore, because everyone can serve, everyone has the potential for greatness.

Pastor Charle's definition of "pride and arrogance, when translated off the original bible text, it carries the idea that arrogance rejects God."

In any religion or in any context of conversation, when we speak of an arrogant person, do we think of a person of honor? Do we think of a person of values and principles? Do we think of fairness and justice? The answer for me, personally, is no to all of the above.

When someone displays arrogant behavior, regardless of their religious beliefs, the display of arrogance towards other fellow human beings, sends the clear message to avoid them at all costs. These people tend to be narcissistic. No one on the planet matters, except them.

Being a servant to other fellow human beings, or to God, is a higher cause that rewards you. Being a servant to oneself is quite a lonely life full of arrogance and resistance from God.

This message brought me back to the September 2017 - December 2017 period. This is when my strategy changed from looking for an agency to help my child and to help my civil rights violations case, to a more serving thought process. My thinking evolved from looking for a way to help my child, to looking for a way to help all children suffering within the United States' corrupt family court system, with my very limited resources.

Moving Forward

Do you prefer a serving life? Do you desire growth in your life? Do you plan ahead for your path to reach your goals?

Sign my petition at Change.Org For more information, email me.

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