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Workshop Jan 27, 2018 Recap: "I want more ME time!"

"I Want more ME time"

Those who signed up for the Jan 2018 workshop received an e-mail confirmation with a list of topics to choose from. After tallying up the responses, the "I Want more ME time" had the most votes. The entire workshop focused on how to create more "Me" time.

The workshop became #24hrsNoTV!

What to do in 24 hours with no TV?!! Yikes!

We all took in a piece of cloth for the main project. Some purchased a .99 remnant from your local store. Others took in an old t-shirt, someone brought in old socks (hilarious), and i took in 4 pieces of cloth that i had left over from hemming my new, but very long pants.

We created cloth flowers out of these items. Some of the pictures from my project are below:

How to create more Me time

Everyone attending the workshop agreed that some TV time was part of their lives in order to 'wind down' and to 'relax'. The idea that i proposed was schedule one day per month, bi-monthly, weekly, (as it fit into their schedules) where the TV was not turned on for 24 hours. No screen time meant, no cell phone, no tablet, no computer, literally 24 hours of family time. After a brief bit of silence, slowly, laughter filled the room.

As these beautiful, successful and extremely busy ladies heard me utter these words, at first,i could see the look on their faces was full of wonder. Slowly they looked over at their purses/phones and then at each other. Soon the room filled with laughter. Who, in this day and age could get away with that? Someone said, "my family would call the police and report me missing." We all laughed!

Imagine a time without screens

I placed my old cloth grocery bag in the middle and on top of the table where everyone was sitting. I then poured out my projects. Inside i have my notebook with pens, several sewing projects, sudoku puzzles, CDs from my pastor, books, music CDs, and snacks (raw pecans, raw almonds, etc).

My challenge to them was to take an old shoe box, and old delivery box of any kind or a bag similar to mine and asked them to begin placing small projects inside. Was there a book they have been meaning to read? Was there a fun project they had been meaning to take up? Was there a serious self growth project they had thought about, but never had the time to start?

Learn a Foreign Language, Why not?!

As they looked at the items inside my bag, someone opened my notebook. They asked "What in the world?!" I explained that the public library has a program named Mango. On there, you can log on as much as you want, and you can take a course to learn a foreign language. The program has dozens of languages to pick from. I have chosen to sign up and i have already put in 19 hours of learning in 1 month.

We are all different. What relaxes you?

Just because Sudoku puzzles and learning a different language is fun and relaxing to me, this doesn't mean that everyone must take up my hobbies or my interests.

I went over recipes, with every day kitchen ingredients that they could use at home, to give themselves more of a girlie-relaxation-type of day. We went over 1. a foot detox recipe 2. veggie fermentation 3. probiotics 4. facial scrubs 5. face masks 6. recipes to kick the soda habit and 7. hydrating hair masks.

Foot Detox

When the above picture was shared with the group, some were grossed out, but others were curious. (Some ingredients are garlic cloves and limes)

When i detox my feet, i use two bins. The ingredients were shared with the group. Although all ingredients were common household items, all wanted to know the difference in the color. This last week, right before the workshop i did a foot detox. The water is usually the color of the bin on the left. After one hour of soaking, i looked down at the bins and was happy to see the water as dark as it was. When i disposed of the water, the smell was quite strong and the water had turned into an almost 'oily' substance. The bin itself was stained permanently, even after washing. I am glad those substances were removed from my bloodstream!

Click on the picture above to read more on foot detoxification. While some spas charge $85 for a detox, simply subscribe to my blog and read how you can do yours at home yourself.

Thank you to all of my participants! Hope you subscribe to next month's workshop again!

Next Workshop

Join the next workshop on Sunday, February 11, 2018 at 1:00pm. Out of state subscribers can also be part of the workshops. The workshops are streamed live where you can participate.

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