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5 W's of Exfoliation

Graphic credit to www.Oilyskinblog.com. February 2018 Workshop.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, a nurse, and I do not hold any type of medical degree. I am only sharing information that has been useful to my skin.

5 W's of Exfoliation

Who needs to exfoliate?

Everyone. If you don't exfoliate, dead cells accumulate on the top layer of your skin. It is my opinion that these dead skin cell layers eventually become wrinkles.

What is exfoliation?

It is the removal of old skin cells from the top of the skin.

When to exfoliate?

Depending on your skin type, your age, your living conditions and your local weather, exfoliation routines can vary drastically from one individual to another. For example, someone with very dry skin, who is of African-descent and lives in Alaska will have different needs from an oily skin, Caucasian, living in Houston. Age, ethnicity, climate and current skin condition are all important factors when deciding on a routine. Personally, I have mixed skin with an oily t-zone, and I am of Mexican-descent. The move from El Paso, TX to Albuquerque, NM and back a few years later caused havoc on my skin after each move. Mind you, Albuquerque is less than 300 miles each way. Even so, my routine had to change drastically after each move.

Where to exfoliate?

If you have some time to read your emails before showering, you can make a quick, all natural face mask, from ingredients in your fridge, read your emails as the mask is absorbed into your skin and then head to the shower. DONE! Otherwise, you can take your exfoliating serum into the shower and leave on as you shower and rinse off at the end.

Why to exfoliate?

Medical reports state that as we age, our skin's elasticity, natural oil and collagen production lowers. Every time we exfoliate, we are removing the layer of dead skin cell on top of the skin, allowing the newer, brighter skin to come to the top.

Be warned that too much exfoliation will deplete your skin of its natural oils and will ramp up your oil production. The first day or two, you will enjoy glowing skin, followed by possible break outs from the excess oil produced.

During my entire puberty, I escaped unscathed with no pimples. I was the poster child for clear skin. Then, suddenly, in my mid-20s i went thru a sudden break out that spread all over my cheeks. When I was unable to contain the spreading of the infection, I sought professional help. Once per month, every month, i had a facial. This woman changed my life. She taught me a lot about taking care of my skin. Due to my oily skin, I still deal with the occasional break out.

9 Other exfoliating factors:

Age: Male and female go thru different hormonal stages as we mature and grow in life. Finding the ideal exfoliation routine for you, will require some trial and error. Just when you are becoming comfortable with your routine, be ready to change it up if you notice that your skin is needing a change. With age you will learn to listen to your skin.

Ways to Exfoliate:

Here is a list of the ways that I exfoliate. 1. citrus peel 2. kitchen food scrubs 3. soft bristle brush 4. clean face towel (once done with my face i then exfoliate my entire body)

What parts of the body to exfoliate:


When i have the time for a lengthy bath session, the refrigerated pineapple skins from the fresh pineapple that i use in my smoothies, go into the water. These act as the peeling ingredient. At the end of the bath, rolls of dead skin come off. I even exfoliate my hair scalp with a lime/lemon juice, baking soda and apple cider vinegar concoction.


1. Lime/lemon juice peel - Simply dab on your skin (AT NIGHT ONLY) and rinse. From 5min to 1 hour.

2. At-home sugar and honey scrub - quantity depends on the area that you are treating. Pour sugar in a bowl and dab a bit of honey. Mix with your fingers and apply. Leave for 5 min- 1 hour.

3. Egg white - to reduce pores. Brush on egg whites. Allow to dry. Rinse with cool water.

(February 2018 Workshop was all about exfoliation)

My routine:

I use all of the mentioned recipes on here plus a few more techniques that i revealed to those who signed up for the February 2018 Workshop- theme was Glowing Skin. The manner in which i rotate the masks varies on my skin condition. If i notice larger pores, i do an egg mask more than once per week, if my skin needs it. Or i can go more than a month with amazing pores. Learn to listen to your skin is my best advice.

I use a retinoid cream:

Every month or so, i use a retinoid cream that i buy in Juarez.

NO microdermabrasion for me again, thank you:

After a session i went out in the sunlight. My face burned and i ended up with spots that i am barely clearing up, after 10 years.

Essential Oils:

My secret weapon is definitely my essential oils. I use them in my make up, under my sunscreen, on my scalp, in my food, on my skin, on my feet, and as aroma therapy. Ask me on signing up to get distributor pricing. Young Living is an MLM.


Those with any type of acne must be careful when exfoliating. When i owned my spa, laser was the safest, easiest, and fastest way to clear up skin. These tips are for those with mostly clear skin. Please consult a licensed Dermatologist if you feel your skin condition could use the help.

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