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Fighting Goliath- NM's Political System is Corrupt to the CORE! When will Feds step in again?

Before you read my story, be advised that a simple search will yield several websites similar to mine. There are other #judicialbullying survivors from all across the United States looking for help online, because the local state governments are too corrupt from within the state.

My story is a journey of hell on earth. For the past 4+ years I have been in the middle of what i can best describe as the most traumatizing experience any human being can endure inside the judicial system. My life has been a war-like battle zone with the destroyers being public servants who have sworn to uphold the law and protect the public. Instead, these public officials routinely abused their power. They are able to do this because there is no oversight over their actions. There are no consequences to their illegal and criminal abuse of their position. They have managed to create an environment so toxic, so inhumane, that violations of human rights are seen as common practice in the courts of Judge Debra Ramirez and Judge Gerard Lavelle. These two judges serve in Bernalillo County, Albuquerque, NM.

My website has detailed incidents in blogs and v-logs. This specific post is regarding the most recent actions that I have resorted to, looking for help. December 2017 was a difficult month. My child turned 4 years old. It has been 3 years since the courts have allowed me to see him. There is still a current order of protection against me from contacting my child and a separate order of protection prohibiting contact with the father. Judge Gerard Lavelle entered these orders against me for a period of 3 years. (Typical orders are valid for 12 months) The orders were awarded to "ease the petitioner's fear that respondent would communicate in the future and harass him." That's right. His petition clearly stated that i had not contacted my child or him in any way shape or form, not directly and not indirectly thru any third parties; EVER. The petitioner simply stated his "fear that i may do so in the future". This is a typical court order (out of dozens) by this corrupt? biased? incompetent? judge in favor of the Petitioner.


After much prayer in November, (the holidays being a difficult time and with my child's birthday approaching) I wrote several letters to my child and turned them in to the father's attorney, to be forwarded to my child. The letters were simple. I told my child i loved him. I told my child i yearned to see him. I told my child i would never stop looking for a way to be in his life. The father's attorney responded that the order of protection was still valid and that she and her client had no intentions on violating it. Therefore, there was to be zero contact for my child from his mother until the court ruled otherwise. The court has repeatedly ruled that it is in my child's best interest to not know who his mother is. The complete isolation of my child from me is what Judge Lavelle has demanded, for the benefit of my child. After years of being unable to substantiate any of Petitioner's allegations against me, the court finally ordered reunification on March 2017.

However, because the Petitioner refused to follow the court orders, (repeated court orders) on September 2017 the judge agreed that the isolation should be kept in place for at least 6 more months, to appease Petitioner. During this hearing, Judge Lavelle violated my civil rights in several ways, including by not allowing me to utter a single word at my own hearing. The judge also verbally and emotionally abused me, on the record, by calling me a long list of insults. One of the few insults that made it to the minute order states that i am an "infectious disease who spews vitriol." So, after 6 months of the father refusing to comply with the reunification therapy, I am abused verbally for 22+ minutes on the record and then told, no. The judge rescinded the reunification therapy until further notice.

Armed with the Judge's meltdown on the record, I then filed a complaint with the Judicial Standards Commission overseeing this judge. 300+ pages of medical records, police reports, witness testimony, the CD from the hearing (containing only 13 minutes. severe redacted version), plus the testimony of Senator Michael Padilla yielded me nothing. The Chairman of the Board was excused from his position and the new replacement closed my complaint stating there was "zero testimony and zero evidence submitted to their offices to find a credible reason to continue with the complaint". I packed and left the state before i was illegally jailed again.

This is when i decided to come up with a new plan moving forward. By now, it was obvious that the court system had failed. The Child Protective Services Agency had been court -ordered to not remove my child from his abusive father. The police department and the DA's office were refusing to prosecute any of the domestic violence cases against the father of my child and with the failure of Judicial Standards to do their job, yet again, i decided to look for a different manner of fighting this Goliath.

Due to my analytical nature, I wrote lists of what would-be options left. After so many years of fighting the corrupt NM family court system and the entire state-wide corrupt officials holding office, i decided to expand my campaign from a failed state-wide campaign to a federal-level campaign. The new goal is to now petition for change federally. The Family Courts of the United States are in dire need of an entire restructuring. A look at the number of deaths, murders, suicides and Amber alert increases in the last 5 years clearly states the problem, zero accountability of family court judges and family attorneys. These individuals are abusing the law and being allowed to do so freely at the expense of our children.

This past Monday, February 2018, the governor's winter meeting was the pinnacle of my new plan. Months of meticulous planning coupled with months of careful implementation prepared the field for the plan conceived in November-December 2017. Once all of the pieces were in place, i sat, i watched, and i waited patiently. I monitored the Twitter feed of national and international news outlets during the governor's winter meeting at the White House.

Let me preface by saying that the months of planning and preparing were to achieve one single goal. The goal was simple. Since i have been silenced by all possible means available to the Governor of the State of New Mexico, Susana Martinez, and because I have been defamed out of being able to sustain a normal life, the single goal was to have the Governor herself introduce my case to not only the international media, but to the White House. I will explain the purpose of this after i explain the process that i put in place to have Susana Martinez thrust my case into the spotlight.

The steps taken were as follows: 1. Create an online image that was clear. Because there were several floating websites that were created after I was illegally jailed December 2015, consolidating all of them was a priority. 2. www.ElizabethSite.com is refurbished to host all of the content of the other sites. 2. The pictures i had taken a few months earlier were used to re-brand the social media platforms- Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. 3. Videos were recorded for the new site. One video was specifically for the Federal Petition tab. 4. My LinkedIn account was filled with national and international media contacts. 5. My Twitter account follows all of the governors in the United States. 6. A Change.org petition was created. 7. A lengthy email was sent to US AG Jeff Session asking for help. 8. An email was sent to the White asking for help. 9. I tweeted to VP Mike Pence's account asking for help. 10. Contact forms were filled out and sent to all governors in the United States (except NM) asking for help.

When all of this was in place, and only then, i then sat and waited patiently for the Governor's winter meeting at the White House. When the day arrived, i sat in front of my screen waiting patiently. Then, the moment arrived. There was NM's Governor Susana Martinez, making a ridiculous statement of reinstating retired officers and placing them inside schools as guards. To remind those unaware, the DOJ spent a great deal of time in Albuquerque, NM cleaning out the corruption of the cops who were trigger happy, killing civilians. The death toll by APD against the population was so high that many of those officers were released from duty while some of the worst cops slipped thru the cracks and stayed on the force.

After her semi-slurred rant, i went to the national news snippet of hers and posted, :Anyone else surprised that the Gov. made it thru an event with not that much slurring?:

She would have told everyone back in NM to keep an eye out for her on national news. All eyes were on that video. One simple comment from me would be enough to ignite the fuse of an atomic-bomb-strength tantrum by Susana Martinez. The purpose of this statement is clear. Susana Martinez would begin one of her famous drunken-stupor-rants attacking the person who had just criticized her.

Not many politicians had responded to my months of correspondence and i had not received a single solid lead by the national media up to that day. With this one statement on the twitter feed snippet, Susana Martinez helped my cause by letting the national media know who i was. She further helped my cause by complaining to senior White House staff. It is thru Susana Martinez that i gained the attention of national and international media and the White House staff. Because I had all governors on my Twitter and all media on my LinkedIn, it was simple for everyone to click on my social media and be redirected to my videos on my website.

The result was that within hours of posting that comment, my website was ablaze. My Twitter and LinkedIn accounts were also receiving high traffic from exactly the people that i had been chasing for help.

With this enormous victory, there is a new plan that has been set up. Again i sit waiting for the next step.

Because I am a bible believer, I know my God has redemption and restoration for my life and for my child's life. I know for a fact that there is no evil in this world that can defeat God. It is thru my faith that i have been able to survive the horrors that are detailed on my case DM 2013-4873. It is thru my faith that i know that this battle is already won in His name. The battle is not for my sake anymore. The battle has become a battle for all children in the entire United States family court system.

Please support my petition at Change.org. We must pass legislature that holds judges, family attorneys, state agencies, police, DAs, and even governors responsible for their actions. Loopholes allowing special privileges to public servants must be found and closed. Allow this law to be retroactive for the entire time the individual has been a public servant with no statute of limitations. There must be accountability for the abuse of the law, even if you are a governor. Everyone going to court must be allowed a fair and unbiased judge.

Sign my petition at Change.Org

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