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Another Perspective to Everything Happens for a Reason: And Other Lies; I've Loved.

Today's blog was sidetracked from a healthy blog to a spiritual blog.

The referenced article has a very sad, and very familiar story. A beautiful, intelligent, and successful woman blames her ills on God.

Why I can understand being upset with God.

This article (mentioned at the end of this post) reminded me of my struggles. It is written by a brilliant woman with a PhD in Religious Studies. (I only have 3.5 years of advanced religious studies). The familiarity of her anger towards God, her contempt towards His Word, her voice of hopelessness, and her apparent belief that God is "absent from her life" is a mirror image of how i felt when the corrupt courts in NM, illegally kept removing custody from me. (The constant violation of my child's and my own my civil rights is on going to this day.)

Her book apparently goes deeper into her despair. She goes on to attack what she calls the "prosperity gospel." Her article borderlines ridiculing people whom may believe that God is the provider of all things, including health, wealth and happiness. Only after her cancer diagnosis did she decide her God-beliefs were actually hysteria-filled ridiculous ideas.

First of all, my heart goes out to this woman because only someone who has been in our shoes can understand this level of despair. Since i was 8 years old, i dedicated myself to the Word. The study of the Word has been a constant in my life. I am one to attest that just because i have studied His Word all of my life, doesn't mean that i don't have areas of improvement.

Blaming God. God as a scapegoat.

What this author has done is blame God for her cancer illness. She is blaming God for making her body sick and then refusing to cure her. She is angry with God for not answering her healing prayers. She accuses God of not caring that her child and husband will be left here without her. Her desperation has spiraled out of control and into a place out of which i pray she will pull herself out of, prior to passing. Does passing from this world with such anger towards God, our creator, seem a bit counterproductive to anyone besides me? Again, this scenario is all too familiar to me because I too went thru this exact phase where i blamed God for the ongoing corruption at the New Mexico court system. Literally, i blamed God for corrupt civil servants. I blamed God for allowing my child to suffer. I blamed God for not "keeping us safe" after all of the volunteering and money donated. I will mention this several times: When despair enters the heart, logic disappears from the mind.

However, this position of anger and blame towards anyone, especially towards our creator, for death, illness, chaos, trials and tribulations, etc. in our lives, is best described as unhealthy and illogical. God does not kill, harm, hurt, "teach hard lessons", and He definitely does not abandon anyone in their time of need. Instead, the Bible is full of verses of how God loved the world that he sacrificed His only son. God Is Love.

Death is not scary, it is part of life.

In case anyone reading this has not considered thinking about death the way that i do, i will share with you my perspective. The moment we are born, no, from the moment that we are conceived, we are all waiting to die. The ways to die are endless. From the moment of inception things may go wrong. For example, the pregnancy could fail, resulting in a miscarriage. The delivery could fail. We could die as a child or as a teenager, as a grown up or in old age. To reiterate, we are all waiting to die as soon as we are conceived. The notion of the "scary" death and looking for ways to avoid it, also seem counterproductive in my point of view.

The concept of death, in my opinion, is actually a helpful way to remind us of just how short life can be. Death, can remind us to enjoy life to the fullest and to make the best of every day. In a way, because of death, I choose to feel gratitude for every single day that i am alive. It is because i know that death is inevitable, that I choose to be grateful for every breath that i take.

After careful research, then thinking, meditating and praying, i cannot find a single argument on how the "fear of death" is helpful in any way to anyone. If you have an idea of how the fear of death is helpful to achieve happiness, please leave a comment. Being open to new ideas and new ways of thinking is how i have been able to grow as a person.

Fear Paralyzes and Fear Breeds Chaos

In my life, i have seen and i have lived a life where the "fear of something/anything" only put me on a collision course with unlimited chaos. The feelings of hopelessness, like the author of this article describes, ended up taking over the logical and rational aspects of my thinking. Fear ended up paralyzing my every move. The more scared of the corrupt judges, the corrupt courts, the corrupt agencies, the more chaos that seemed to manifest in my life.

As a comparison, when i threw myself back into the Word of God, when i had a 'conversation' with my God and asked Him to provide me his forgiveness for my anger towards Him, and when i began living my life full of gratitude as i had before, my life has slowly recovered and is being repaired.

The Bible has answers, but we need a teacher to explain the lessons.

The Bible is full of child-like stories and replete with examples of how to best live a healthy, prosperous, and happy life. Yes, God wants us to enjoy life in abundance. John 10:10.

How many Bible verses are taken out of context and given a "fearful" spin to what is written? The answer is too many. For example, who reading this has heard that "Money is the root of all evil?" The Bible states that it is the LOVE of money that is the root of all evil. 1 Timothy 6:10 (KJV) The meaning and therefore the lesson is very different depending on how your teacher interpreted the verse.

Carefully choosing a pastor, priest, rabbi, spiritual leader, life coach, etc., is one of the most important decisions that you can make in your life.

Birds of a feather flock together

Do you believe that you deserve success, happiness, health, a good marriage, wonderful relationships and a job that you love? Try looking for people who live this way already. Allowing your friends, family and even your loved ones, who may not be looking to prosper, to bring you down and mock you for wanting a better life is unfair to your your family, yourself and hinders your ability to achieve the happiness you deserve.

The author of the above mentioned article does just this. She mocks, ridicules and is seemingly angry against those who would see life for its possibilities. It seems as if she hopes to gain enough supporters to side with her, in her despair and anger against God, that will then allow her to feel better about her cancer diagnosis.

This way of thinking is possible, because despair and hopelessness strips all logic from our lives. Anyone heard of misery likes company? Thinking this way is an option just like choosing to think that if misery likes company then triumph demands an audience. Anyone with common sense can rationalize that asking for people to side with your anger against anyone (including God) is an unhealthy manner to manifest your sadness.

Furthermore, to attack a movement, any movement, which has helped so many better their lives and helped so many find a way to live a life full of hope, seems a bit selfish to me. If people are finding peace in their hearts, are learning healthy boundaries for their behavior, are leaning into an institution for emotional support, are finding supportive communities, and are finding joy while going about it, does it seem a bit biased to attack such a positive movement?

"Prosperity Gospel Churches" are not unique

As an avid Tony Robbins fan, I have been to the different conventions where he is the main speaker. The Tony Robbins events have no equal! There are also the GetMotivated! conventions. (They may be part of the same group?) In my opinion, these movements are very similar to the "Prosperity Gospel Churches". The similarities include: the highly successful guest speakers, most of which are God believers. The loud upbeat music, the positive nature of the events, and the sincere willingness by the guest speakers to help those who attend are key aspects of these events and my church alike. In my opinion these events are very similar to attending my church or when i attend my Young Living or Amway Conventions. (Contact me if you're interested in signing up for either)

There is a reason why these prosperity-style conventions take place. The answer is that they work. People are shaken up enough to seek change in their lives. Whether it is my pastor preaching a tough lesson on life, or Tony Robbins blowing your mind away, or guest speakers at these huge MLM conventions, someway, somehow, these gathering events of like minded individuals somehow prompt people to make different choices. People are inspired to believe that more is possible for them. This shift in beliefs allows us to make choices, which ultimately lead to better life decisions.

Why do we become so lost in life?

Nay Sayers and the Like

When i do research for my blogs, i am amazed at the amount of information on the internet on Happiness, Mindfulness, and How-to's authored by people who've never been broke, yet condemn the poor. People with their authoritative How-to guides replete with sarcasm, condescending tone and zero life experience are prolific on social media. Finally, the most sad information on the internet are reports authored by people who live a life of misery, anger, deception, yet consider themselves experts at mindfulness and happiness because they hold a PhD degree in some social field.

The advice from a life lived compared to advice from someone who learned about despair from a book in a classroom is vastly different. To help others dig out, and in some cases claw their way out of the hole of despair, is a challenge of monumental proportions. It is different advice when the individual giving the advice has battled a lengthy despair battle and has been successful.

When the person giving the advice has been thru trials and tribulations so severe and debilitating that they begin making choices in "hopelessness-mode", subsequently making choices that go against all their beliefs, only then can someone truly understand what it is to feel destroyed, with no options, and with no hope. Only when someone has been in this pit of despair and manages to somehow, someway find a path to successfully overcome the blindness of despair, only then can someone impact others.

This is why i love the conventions where people who started with nothing became self made millionaires. They know poverty and found a way that worked for them to overcome it. Even though the conventions are about financial freedom, the same principles can be applied to all areas of life.

Understanding our duality core nature

Duality of Nature

As a common thread I will include the duality of nature as something we fail to consider when we are in such a moment of life that is dominated by despair. The yin to the yang, the night to the day, poor to the rich, the healthy to the unhealthy, the life to the death. The wanting to fall asleep, but you keep thinking about how tired you are and begin ruminating about wanting to fall asleep.

My way of thinking is how yin and yang complement each other in nature. The negative, dark, feminine yin (moon) rules half the day, giving way for the positive, bright, masculine yang (sun).

Depending on where you live and the time of year, yin rules for 12 hours. Then, for an equal 12 hours yang rules. Day and night each have their qualities and without each other there wouldn't be balance. A battery cannot function with just one prong. Both are needed for a battery to function.

Good vs Bad

Our perception of "good" and "bad" is what many times gets us into judgmental mode of ourselves and others. Is the moon "bad" because she has a "negative" attribute and is the sun "good" because he has a positive attribute? How about the batteries inside your TV remote or garage remote? Are the remotes "bad" because they require a "negative" prong as part of their constitution?

How about the fact that the moon is considered female and the sun male. Are all female life forms "bad" and all male life forms "good"? Anytime that these two words come up in conversation, when speaking of people, environments, events, etc., i cringe and tend to become silent for the remainder of the conversation. A flower is just a flower. If it is white or it is pink, it is not "good" or "bad" depending on the color. Could the same apply to all of life?

God's opposite

With all of the talk about God, what God does, what God doesn't do, what God thinks, what God says, etc., there isn't enough talk bout God's counterpart.

If there is a moon to the sun and if there is a positive charge needed to a negative charge to work in a battery, would it make sense that God, would also have a counterpart? Who or what would that counterpart be?

My church is based on John 10:10, so, here it is: "The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." KJV

Would it make sense to anyone reading this, that all happy events come from one source and all unhappy events come from an opposite opposing force? Would it make sense to say that the two cannot mix? The sun cannot take a day off and have the moon substitute for the sun's shift. Meaning, the moon cannot not shine for 36 straight hours, right? They are two opposing forces with opposing objectives. Each dedicated to its own divine purpose with their own boundaries. Proverbs 4:23

Would anyone agree that health, wealth and prosperity stem from one source and one source only, while illness, lack and fear comes from a different source? Can anyone agree that both sources are like the sun and the moon, in that they are completely exclusive from each other?

How to get back on track

Are my daily choices reaching out to my God-source?

Once considering all of this, i then ask you, if our brains emit waves like radio antennae, and our frequency is tuned to a specific channel, that is broadcasting illness, poverty, chaos and like -type of challenges, would it make any sense to look for a way to change that frequency INSIDE OURSELVES? Or would it make sense to curse at the frequency that we choose to be tuned into? Will cursing, blaming, and being angry at the radio station for what they are playing cause the disk jockey to change his programming? Probably not.

If you wish to listen to rock and roll, we tune into rock and roll. If we choose classical, we will look for that channel. Point is, whatever we choose to tune into is what we will listen to. Blaming the radio, the radio station, the disk jockey, the car, the stereo, the stereo maker, the dealership, blaming everyone will not change the fact that we are choosing that radio station.

Moving forward WITH God. Tune into happiness, wealth, and health!

It is we, not God, who does the abandoning. All God can do is broadcast his rays of hope, happiness, health and wealth. It is up to us to figure out a way to delete the programming we received as children and find ways to reprogram our lives to tune into the God-source. Out of all of the books i have read, out of all of my research, all point to our way of thinking, our daily choices, our daily behaviors, and our core belief systems as the source of our happiness or chaos.

This woman has clearly detached herself from the single source of creation of life plus has decided to attack God for her own decision to detach herself spiritually from our maker. How is that going for her? Sadly, not very well.

When Giving Up is NOT an Option

In Albuquerque i met a lady who was very sick. She had moved to Albuquerque to "enjoy the weather and the scenery" before dying. She moved and left her family behind so that she wouldn't be a burden to them. While at her new home she decided to enjoy activities. At one activity she met a woman who was a distributor of an MLM.

The distributor told my friend that if she had accepted her death she was grateful to have met her. However if she still wanted to give one fighting chance to an alternative option, to call her. My friend told me the story. She was livid that someone would want to take advantage of her during her last moments alive. After some time, my friend said that she reached out to the woman to ask her about her "option". The woman asked my friend to join an MLM. They also spoke at length regarding nutrition.

My friend decided to give life one last go. After a year of being alive and having her disease eradicated from her body, she moved back to Florida to be with her family. The purpose of this story is to remind us all, me included, that we choose what manifests in our lives. If i had somehow chosen to manifest a life of chaos where the courts have done to my child and me what they have done, then i make the daily choice of sticking to my God, to His Word and live my life knowing in my heart that the Bible is true. God's promises are true. No matter how deep of a hole i dug for myself, God is always broadcasting his radio station.

When giving up is not an option, when I am grateful to have another day to live and when I believe with all of my heart that redemption and restoration are true promises, only when i made these changes has my life seen recovery.

When despair enters the heart, logic disappears. To anyone living a life of despair, know that there is hope, within you. Just reach in for it. Hug yourself in the process. Love yourself. Forgive yourself, and forgive others. Nothing is beyond repair. I am a witness to this truth.

May you all be filled with happiness, joy, love, and success in all areas of your life.

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