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Hippocrates: "Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food" Diabetes Diagnosis

Today's post was yesterday's blog topic. There was a detour to this blog.

This post stems from my health experience coupled with my parent's most recent experiences.

Eating Habits

Both of my parents were born in Mexico. Because my mother is a northern Mexican, her eating choices and habits are slightly different from my father's, who is a Mexico City native.

Both place a lot of emphasis on meat dishes but my father has a-morning-coffee-with-one-piece-of-sweet-bread habit that is customary for his part of the country.

My maternal grandmother passed many years ago. She was diagnosed with diabetes at a young age and passed at a very young age. My mother was diagnosed with diabetes just one month ago.

The news of her diagnosis did not surprise me. What did surprise me was her glucose levels exceeding 650+.

My Mother's Diabetes Diagnosis

Because i took care of my grandmother for extended periods of time, once after hip replacement surgery and then again right before her passing, I am aware of what this illness does to people.

My mother's headaches, her lack of energy, her short temper, her guilt for having a short temper, etc, it was a circle of not feeling well, trying to get things done and feeling down for not accomplishing as much as she used to.

My Perfect Health. Thank God.

Ever since i can remember, i have been blessed with perfect health. During my gymnastics years, my coaches were amazed at the strength of my bones (due to my falls not breaking any bones) and the fact that i never caught colds.

As an adult, I have continued to exercise and maintain my food intake to include mostly fresh vegetables and fruits, no artificial sugars, nothing fried, no traditional breads and pastas, limited oil intake with a healthy supply of reverse osmosis water (or distilled water), to name a few examples.

Every time i visit the doctor for an annual check up, i am asked the same, "What vitamins do you take to have this kind of blood work?" My answer is always the same, "I don't take any supplements. I lovingly take care of my body thru nutrition and regular exercise." Immediately i hear the physician say, "Ah, good genes."

For those wondering, despite me being a vegan, my iron levels are very healthy. Here is a link to my prior webpage with several recipes. Consider adding a Good Morning Smoothie to your day.

My Mother's Progress in One Month's Time

Since moving back in with my parents, (Yes, I am 41 years old and living with my parents. My awesome dad has stepped in to support me, again, during my time of need) I have been suggesting that my parents consider drinking the smoothies that i make every morning, since I make enough for everyone.

My parents have been drinking them sporadically since i moved back in. When my mother's diagnosis was made, I have been more insistent on her drinking them at least once per day. (Sometimes i make her an evening smoothie so that she avoids the dinner meal)

Within one month's time, her glucose levels have come down to 170. One day in between, she decided to go without the smoothies to see if the smoothies were actually affecting her glucose levels. On March 1, 2018, her glucose spiked to 322.

Yes. Drinking her smoothies had helped her lower her overall glucose levels. She also takes liver cleansing supplements and i work with her to do a cleanse once per month. The cleanse usually takes place during the full moon. The Farmer's Almanac page has an app for your phone. Take a look at what happens in your gut during a full moon.

There Is No Substitute For a Licensed Physician

Despite the success that we've seen in her glucose levels, this does not substitute the fact that my mother is being monitored weekly by a licensed physician.

Are Physicians Taught ANY Nutrition Information in Medical School?

Sadly, my answer, so far, has been that not a single physician that has seen me or my mother knows much about the benefits of raw vegetables or raw fruit.

Recently, one of the ladies from church revealed that she had gained 21 lbs in a short period of time. She was feeling terrible and her doctor could not figure out what was wrong.

My friend Google'd papaya and her medications. It turns out that the enzyme in papayas was causing a negative reaction to her medicine. She now has to avoid papaya completely.

Dis-ease, Illness & Nutrition

Yesterday's blog touched on the story of a brilliant and successful woman diagnosed with cancer. The post touches briefly on the need to focus on nutrition. Mostly, I discussed the option of considering a path of introspection. Blaming external environmental factors and being so angry with God himself for her diagnosis while believing that God is refusing to cure her, seems to me a very sad way to look at life.

The China Study is a must read for anyone looking for information on cancer or animal products' effects on the human body.

Witch Doctors and Home Remedies

Many of us are taught from birth that if we feel sick, we take a pill or go to a doctor to prescribe us one. Only a small segment of the population grows up with home remedies. There is much negative literature and propaganda regarding home remedies. Those who practice such ways are sometimes ridiculed and called witch doctors who practice quackery.

Wonder who's financial pockets benefit, if the population is kept in the dark about home remedies and nutrition importance?

Doctors Are Necessary

After an ultrasound during my delivery, the hospital staff suddenly refused to come into my room. I was denied even a glass of water. When i walked out of my room to look for someone, everyone avoided me.

By 6am i learned that the doctor coming in to the new shift, called in. In my opinion, it was an attempt to avoid my situation. The hospital then called Dr. Patrick Dawson.

I knew the name. I had heard this physician was incredibly talented, but he worked at the Women's Hospital on the Westside. He was on call and came in. The doctor came into my room, looked at my vitals and said i would be in the OR by 7am.

My delivery was complicated and the prior physicians had no idea how to save my child or me. Dr. Dawson asked for my permission to allow UNM medical students to be present at my delivery to learn from this "unique opportunity to witness a case" like mine. I agreed.

The nurses filled me up with fluids and by 7am I was in the OR. In only 20 minutes i had been prepped, cut open, my child was delivered safely, and i had been stitched with 15 staples in my abdomen. I will repeat, the entire procedure took only 20 minutes, from being wheeled in to when i was wheeled out. Incredible!

No amount of home remedies and no amount of "Witch Doctoring" in the world could've done what Dr. Patrick Dawson achieved in 20 minutes. This physician saved my life and that of my child. To go further, what Dr. Patrick Dawson did, was more than the prior medical staff could do. Remember, no one would help me or go near me. It took a man of his skill to save our lives.

Nutrition and Exercise is NOT a Fix-It All, but DOES Help

My body was in such condition that even after the 15 staples, i was taking my first steps after only 9 hours of surgery. Within 24 hours, i was bathing myself with help and after 48 hours i was walking all over the hospital to go breast feed my child in the NICU. (My child caught a cold after being delivered. The hospital would not keep sick people out of the maternity ward.) My enormous incision healed without a single infection despite its size.

Furthermore, nutrition and regular exercise has helped my body maintain a certain immunity to most colds and flus. However, this season I caught 2 colds after 4 years of not having one. Also, I sleep well. I feel full of energy and I feel comfortable in my own skin.

My Parents Moving Forward

My father has taken up an daily exercise routine during the week and swimming on the weekends. My mother goes walking with me sometimes to the park. (We prefer walking at the shopping malls!) Both of my parents are now more mindful of their food intake.

I'm also in the process of registering them with my Young Living essential oils MLM company. It is my opinion that YL's FDA approved essential oils (approved for internal consumption) have also greatly benefited the situation. If you have questions about becoming a distributor, e-mail me.

As Hippocrates wisely said: "Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food". However, i will add, that when medical intervention is needed, seek the most qualified physician possible.

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