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"What is orthorexia, and does your clean eating obsession mean you have it?" -Was this spo

While posting the new April workshop ads on my social media, this article came up. The social media algorithms are tirelessly working on my benefit to bring me the news that i need.

The article posted says it was authored by Lindsey Alexander with a Yahoo Lifestyle tag. So, she's a Yahoo! News Contributor? I thought the Yahoo Contributor network had been cancelled. Anyone know?

Eating Obsessions

To sum up her post, the entire article has pictures of delicious foods with very long captions. She quotes nutritionists, doctors, and psychologists.

In my opinion her writing is very biased. To me, her writing comes of as if she is relieved to have a condition. Apparently any condition would do.

It is sad that most eating disorders have been created or diagnosed since the 70s. The supermodel Twiggy was famous in the late 60s and into the 70s. Could there be a coincidence?

Anorexia VS Spiritual Devotion

Here is an important link to Psychology Today's History of Eating Disorders. It is written by Dr. Emily Deans with the title of Evolutionary Psychiatry. This article seems important because Easter is just a few weeks away. The act of denying food to the body for religious purposes was an acceptable form of conduct, hailed as a spiritual necessity.

Here are the pictures that come up after a search for anorexia. (warning-graphic) I didn't notice any men in the first hundred pictures. However, I don't believe eating disorders are gender specific, just possibly more prolific in one gender.


The above link has the Google search for the term. It is defined as "an obsession with eating foods that one considers healthy" and as "a medical condition in which the sufferer systematically avoids specific foods in the belief that they are harmful."

Follow the Money

Anyone with any type of journalistic background knows one of the golden rules of journalism, follow the money. (Not to be confused with "SHOW me the money," but Tom Cruise did have me at hello) Many have proposed that the origin of the phrase is from the 1976 movie All the President's Men. (It's a short read)

Point is, who benefits financially when an entire country is full of sick people? Does the medical community, insurance industries or the pharmaceutical conglomerates benefit from a healthy populace?

Main Stream Media and Social Media

The reason why i have a website about nutrition, mental health and beauty, is because society as a whole seems to have adopted the main stream media's and social media's urgency for people to look like people who are famous. Some people, apparently, also feel the need to follow their favorite star's diet.

Take a close look at the before and after picture below. This woman has undergone even more changes since the left picture was taken.

Unless we have the money and/or the desire to become reality TV personalities, the left picture is not a realistic transformation for us. My purpose, as stated in my main picture of this blog, is to share my personal journey with the hopes that, what has worked for me, may work for others. My blog is about finding harmony and happiness with your current features and body type.

Fearmongering for Money

Here is a quote from Alexander's 'news report': “'Orthorexia can ruin your life. It can kill you,' Webb says."

Here is a link to a post that i published regarding healthy skin. It is my opinion that it is not a medical condition when a human being wishes to avoid toxic substances that cause cancer and other diseases in the body.

For some, a Good Morning Smoothie is a wonderful way to start their day. Would a physician reading this post reply and leave your opinion regarding the subject? Would you explain, if you believe that a medical impairment is developed when someone chooses to consume fresh vegetables, fresh roots, fresh nuts, fresh fruit, fresh honey and other nutritionally dense foods instead of heavy breads, deep fried, sugar coated, sugar laced alternatives? Example: Smoothie VS triple shot mocha caramel dairy based with whipped cream drink with a chocolate muffin.

Dangerous Territory

We are all free to choose how to best take care of our bodies. If i choose to avoid "foods" that are genetically modified, "foods" that contain strange chemicals, numbering in the dozens, "deep fried cakes, sugar coated with GMO sugar", fast food places, and the like, is it abusive for someone to name call me or another person or to label us with a "disease" for discriminating the foods we intake?

In the future, will those who shun chocolate muffins and prefer smoothies for breakfast be labelled as mentally unstable? According to orthorexia, this is happening now. Maybe a physician will eventually create a label for the medical community who is obsessed with labeling people and they will begin calling themselves mentally unstable too. It is my opinion that this type of behavior is wrong, abusive, and psychologically damaging to all.

Obsessive Disorders In General

I am not a physician and I do not have hold a degree of any kind in social sciences. It is strictly my opinion that people who are diagnosed with any type of obsessive disorder, like this Orthorexia, may suffer from repressed childhood traumas that they may not even be aware of.

Only someone wishing to obsessively control their food, in an obsessive manner (anorexia, bulimia, orthorexia, compulsive eating, etc) demonstrates an emotional imbalance of some kind unrelated to the subject. The food is not the problem. The person thinking of the subject, in the way they do, could that be the problem? Because it is a mental choice, what the person chooses to label as healthy or unhealthy, could this fact eliminate all correlation with the actual subject?

Moving Forward. Always Forward

My blog is based only on my life experience. Only my opinions are expressed. At the foundation and core of this site, and sister sites, is that nutrition is vital to a healthy body. In my opinion, health is measured both in mental and physical exclusive states. In my opinion, proper care of the internal organs, especially our intestines and waste organs are vital to maintaining a healthy, thriving body, full of energy. Here are 2 blogs that touch on both of these subjects:

Master cleanse & Digestion Information

Also please consider reading my blogs on forgiveness and being kind to yourself. I also recently published a blog on diabetes.

It is my sincere hope that anyone reading this remember that we are all full of happiness, joy, love, and success in all areas of our life. Not believing everything on social media could be a start. If eating junk food all day makes you happy and you feel healthy, then go for it. The choice is yours. Consider limiting the level of persuasion you feel after reading any article. Consider the source that may have sponsored it.

Dear Conglomerates

If you sponsored this sad article because you are a bit testy over the possibility of new legislation passing, that will cut food stamps, coupled with the fact that schools are not wanting our children consuming, on a daily basis your "foods", then look for ways to change your business model. Fearmongering thru bullying articles are a sad way to throw a tantrum. Show decorum and intelligence. Restructure your business model.

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