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ElizabethSite March 2018 Workshop: Fashionable On A Budget!

At the January 2018 Workshop, we had a blast! We made flowers out of linen, paper, and other DIY's crafts.

At the March 2018 Workshop, we used the DIY crafts made in January and applied them to other articles of clothing. The result was fun and fashionable!

The picture below was recreated easily with two remnant pieces of lace and two pieces of ribbon. Since the items are not sewn onto the shoes, this look can be achieved with any pair of open shoes with an ankle enclosure, in any color.

The slideshow below has t-shirts that i purchased for either .50 cents or $1 each. They were clearance items at a local El Paso, TX store. The items are all brand new.

One of the projects included a pair of boots, which also received a make over. (Yes, that is my 17-year old cat sniffing the cut out flowers and the boots.) The boots were $9.99 at the same clearance store.


During the live workshop, I shared my personal recipes, SECRET make up tips and DIY at home craft ideas!

The next workshop is April 22, 2018: Sign up here

For more information, visit Appointments.

(NOTE: Prices will increase on all services starting June 2018.)

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