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Coachella April 2018 Fashion Tips, For Ladies Over 30

"Disco ensembles" are very 2017.

Even though i did not do a Disco theme blog last year, I am doing a Coachella April 2018 Fashion Tips, For Ladies Over 30.

Some designers have entire lines for this event. I am linking to the an affordable site where you can get a similar look for much less. Here's a link to Forever21, because at 41, i am still forever 21!

Below I have chosen the looks that I have purchased for myself or that i just liked.

Flowy Pastel Dresses1, Dresses2:

Flowery Patterns:

Fanny Packs: (I did not purchase any fanny packs. But they're everywhere this year.)

Glitter / Iridescent:


Body Suits/ Jumpsuits/ Rompers:

Flowy Flared Pants (with chunky heels):

Sequined Cape:

Fringe Jacket:

Off The Shoulder One Piece:

Couture Looks From Runway 2018:

Eyelet Top:

Here are the links to some of my favorite high fashion designers:

Givenchy, Armani Prive, Dior, Chanel, Valentino.

Paris 2018 Spring Couture (all designers)

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