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Proverbs 18:21 Death And Life Are In The Power Of The Tongue

Whatever I Ask For, Whether Healthy Or Unhealthy, I Receive.

This is the ninth blog post of this series. In this series, I have been sharing personal events from my life. I have been explaining how these specific events have prompted in me the creation of destructive belief systems, which have negatively impacted many areas of my life. I have also been sharing the new affirmations that I am declaring as I replace the old belief systems.

The first six or seven blog posts of this series just flowed right thru me. (Here they are: blog1, blog2, blog3, blog4, blog5, blog6, blog7,and blog8.) I would sit at my computer and the words seemed to write themselves. My heart would feel light and i would have dreams that pointed to the next blog topic. Then, my thoughts began to show doubt. I began thinking that if this is flowing so fast and so easily, could true healing be happening inside of me? The devil attacked me and I briefly allowed the influence. This is a prime example of how a simple thought can create immediate negative influence, in a short amount of time.

Because over the last 3 weeks, writing has not come as easily I felt that my healing too seemed to have leveled off. The topics which flowed easily from my dreams began to show less cohesiveness. (For example, last night I dreamed about being in a roller coaster that drove on rails on the city streets. At first I was the passenger but then I took over the driving when the driver suddenly jumped out. Then, we were headed up a steep mountain. People panicked and I comforted them saying that we had boosters. A booster switch appeared. I ignited the boosters from the rear of the roller coaster cars, pushing us higher and higher. Suddenly, the roller coaster trolley began to twist and turn and we were all having a wonderful time on an actual roller coaster. I could hear all of the happy voices from the people behind. Mmm, how to fit this into my current blog theme will be interesting.)

The healing that i was feeling seemed to slow down as well. The one area that has not slowed is how fast my custody case is progressing, Thank You Lord! I noticed that the single difference was that my doubtful thinking only applied to my personal healing, the writing for this blog, and my dreams. When it comes to my custody case, my mind has been cemented on faith based victory.

Realizing that my custody case is a victory in the Mighty Name of Jesus, I must cement my beliefs of all other areas of my life to be non-negotiable as well in order to receive the same level of victory. Whatever I ask for, whether healthy or unhealthy, I receive. Therefore, my new focus and prayers are to include my healing, my business, my interpersonal relationships and all of my life along with my custody case as a cemented victory, in His Mighty Name!

Women's Bible Study Hosted By My Friend.

On Tuesday, I visited a friend that i met at my prior church. I am very grateful to have kept this acquaintance after having everybody else from church unfriend me on Facebook and flat out disappear from my life from one day to the next after the Easter incident. Here is the blog on what happened. Here is an example of what has been going on since I left the church.

My friend is one of those rare women whose anointment is felt as you speak to her. When she prayed over me, I felt a tangible peace inside of me. She hosts a woman's bible study group at her home and i was lucky enough to have been invited.

During the lesson, we spoke about the different areas of life where the devil attacks us and the methods that are used. This has been an important topic for me because i believe that churches and pastors could teach more on these subjects.

The authors of the materials are Mark and Patti Virkler. The site where the materials are available is: www.CLUSchool OfThe Spirit.com. The teachings are based on the book: Prayers That Heal The Heart.

The study modules include: 1. Breaking generational curses and sins, 2. Severing ungodly soul ties, 3. Negative expectations, 4. Renouncing inner vows, 5. Receiving divine visions, 6. Breaking word curses, 7. Casting out demons. My jaw dropped as i read this list.

At the end of the lesson we spoke briefly about how the lesson had impacted our belief system. The other ladies were kind enough to share their personal stories of how the teachings have helped them. I too shared parts of my current battle with corruption and how recently I have been seeing victory after victory, after 5 years of hell on earth.

The Homework Exercise And My Results.

The homework exercise was to think about a hurtful situation we have suffered. As we relive the situation, we are to invite the Holy Spirit to be part of the scene. We are to notice the imagery in our mind's eye. Due to the subject matter, i chose to write down the incident where "Patricia" the married woman at my prior church, walked up to me and verbally attacked me, accusing me of wanting her husband; basically calling me harlot. I noticed that even though i had verbally said that i had forgiven her, as i recalled the event, i felt anger again. I knew then that this was the right incident for this homework assignment.

When i was home, i prayed and asked for guidance, wisdom, to have my eyes opened, to have my mind willing to learn the lesson presented during the incident and for my heart to be healed by God. As soon as i finished praying, i did a few breathing exercises and before i was on my second breath, I began seeing the entire scene unfold in my mind's eye. I thought, okay Holy Spirit, we're doing this, right now.

During my first breath i was situating myself back inside of church. I was looking at what i was wearing. As i began to imagine the other volunteer next to me, the entire scene immediately began to unfold. The husband began to walk towards us, my attention went to his wife as she did a fast u-turn and came towards us. The imagery then slowed to almost a stand still. I saw a cloak of some kind emanating from behind me. The cloak extended its beautiful white, silky, shinny and almost transparent material to include "Patricia" as she came close to us and proceeded to verbally attack me. The cloak enclosed both of us for a brief moment. After she had insulted me and was walking away with a prideful step. I heard a whispering voice from the one wearing the cloak behind me say, look at her shoulder. I turned in slow motion to see that "Patricia" had a black smog looking blur on her left shoulder, whispering to her. The other people in the scene became still and motionless, as if time had frozen. "Patricia" moved at normal speed, and i was in slow motion. My attention went to the blur. As i looked intently, the blur manifested into a demon of some kind. It looked like a hunched, frog-like legged creature with red eyes. It turned and looked at me. The cloak then became a wall of sort and i was alone with the cloak and there was no more church and no more people. When i opened my eyes, i felt at peace with the situation. I now felt peace in my heart. I can say that i feel true forgiveness for her and for those around who witnessed the event and did nothing to help me.

Notes From My Last Entry On April 1, 2018 From My Prior Church.

At the end of the study, we spoke about how i had met the leader of the bible study group. I expressed my gratitude to have met her. She brought up the subject that everyone else from church had unfriended me on Facebook and people were treating me like i had the plague. I asked the ladies, what type of a woman goes into a church and tries to swipe another woman's husband. Immediately, i heard one of the ladies laugh and say a 'harlot.'

With a forced smile, I told her, well, apparently that's what one married woman thought of me. The church leadership backed her up and not me, so I left. I decided to take a look at my notes from that last service I attended, for clues.

Because I was interrupted soon after service began on Easter, I only took a few sentences. Here they are: 1. God wants me content, but not satisfied. Always move forward in His calling. Being content, but always looking to move forward. (Maybe i focused on this a lot because i use this phrase in my blog.) 2. People condemning and judging others is not doing any good. It pushes people away from the church. 3. Lost- those who don't know Jesus. 4. Go be generous. Go be kind. Go be a Christian. Christ in me. 5. Keep fasting every Wednesday. 6. John 11:17 Lazarus. Jesus wept, for he loved him. 7. Jesus always shows up when he's supposed to. Lazarus... (I was interrupted.)

Yes, the teaching that Sunday was true. People inside of the church are judging and condemning others, whereby pushing people away from the church. My last sentence says that Jesus always shows up when he's supposed to. The end. Very interesting to reread these last notes.

Texts From Last Night, April 18, 2018.

As I prepared my phones for bed time, i noticed several text messages from a man who has continued speaking to me from my prior church. I read them and i felt peace with his words. I suggested he leave the subject alone for the sake of his peace of mind, if he was going to continue attending that church. Here are the texts.

My personal point of view is that fact that people are continuing to drag my name thru the mud, 3 weeks after i left the church, means that i made the right decision to leave. The fact that people are still not willing to stop defaming me, has nothing to do with me. It is a clear indication of how any institution faces its own challenges. Churches are not exempt to mistakes.

I am compelled to continue posting about that incident for the single purpose to bring attention to my personal path of healing. An incident that I had perceived as not being very large in scale, has instead turned out to take longer that imagined to process.

We All Have Our Unique Talents. What Are Mine? What Are Yours? We Are All Unique!

Concentrating on other people's God given gifts, will cause me to loose focus on my God given gifts. With time, dissatisfaction will enter the heart, which will lead to disappointment in life.

Comparing ourselves to others is also another way in which the devil advances his corruption and evil. There is nothing to compare between people. An apple cannot look at a carrot and wish it were a vegetable with long leafy stems at the top instead of being a delicious and nutritious fruit. Silly to think of an apple wanting to be a carrot, right? Well, people do this all of the time!

Learning to accept our God given gifts is a vital aspect of living a healthy and God loving life. Just recently, when i visited my friend, i told her that i loved her home decorations. I told her that i felt like the ocean was right outside of her french doors and that i could smell the sand. I joked that i would be right back; to go look for me on the warm sand when the study group started.

She let me know that all of the decorations were hand made by her. She sells them herself. My immediate words were, what an amazing gift, God has given you. I admired her God given gift for decoration. I admired her God given gift of an artist. I admired her God given gift of being such a beautiful and happy woman.

As i admired her, she said to me, for years i had wanted to be someone else, someone that I admired. Today, she has found happiness in her God given gifts instead of looking at someone else's God given gifts.

Moving Forward, Always Forward.

Most Christians know the Bible verses on slander, gossip and having an evil tongue. The deadliest organ in the body is in fact the tongue? Death and Life are in the Power of the Tongue. (Proverbs 18:21)

I can only speak for myself when i say that i choose to live my life the best that i can, with the resources that i have and with the information that i have, at the time that the decision is made. I have a lot of scripture that i reference before making a decision. I also have Google as my backup, when i need scripture on a subject.

I choose to concentrate on my healing. I choose to concentrate on my cemented faith. My faith is cemented to God's Word and His promises for me and my life.

As these experiences come into my life, i do not curse them. I make the healthy choice to look at the teachings involved and i choose to bring light to the journey that i am in.

It is important for me to mention that I do not allow other's shame to be placed on me, for God knows the true secrets of my heart and knows my sins better than any human on this planet. I forgive those who have continued to raise false witness against me, lie about me, defame me, commit slander and libel against me. I forgive you all, not because your actions are tolerated, but because my heart deserves peace. Allowing the poisonous gossip to enter into my heart would be futile.

In Jesus' Mighty Name i cast down all tongues raised against me. I declare myself victorious over all of these evil tongues. I am God's princess and choose to live the life that He has promised me. I choose to be a prisoner of the Word. There is no better way to live! In true happiness and joy I declare, AMEN.

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