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Vegan Garbanzo Recipe with 4 Ingredients

A LARGE portion of my beauty business deals with food. Healing the body thru food (Hippocrates) is one of my specialties. More about this at my Daily 20 and workshops . Because a fellow beautiful princess of God 👸 in my contacts recently commented on one of my posts about organic food pricing, here is a quick recipe for all who are curious about vegan food. This post is meant as one example of how anyone can turn a $0.75 bag of garbanzos into delicious food that will be part of 8 or more days/meals. RECIPE: Clean garbanzos and soak in the fridge overnight (in filtered water.) Wash again. Add water and blend until chunky smooth. Add salt and pepper. If you blend until the mixture is purée, the texture will be more of a stiff tortilla. I like chunky garbanzos in my patties. Warm a large skillet and add olive oil. Cook at medium heat. Once one side is fully cooked, the large mass will flip easily.

I pair with salads, humus, dip in vegan salad dressings, or eat as a snack.


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