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Tools I Use To Feel Closer To God

This post and the others that i published today have been sitting in my pending file since April 16, 2018. My hopes are that my words bring comfort to all who read this.

This is the tenth post in a series that began about one month ago, on March 14, 2018. Here are the first nine posts: blog1, blog2, blog3, blog4, blog5, blog6, blog7, blog8 and blog9.

In this series, I have been explaining how specific events have prompted in me the creation of destructive belief systems, which have negatively impacted many areas of my life. I have also been sharing the new affirmations that I am declaring as I replace the old belief systems. This post was started April 2, 2018 and is about how precious my life is to God and why the Bible is so important to me.These two subjects have helped me survive the most inhumane, negligent, criminal and illegal abuse by family court judges in both TX and NM.

The Breath Of Life

When inhaling remember that God's breath gives us life. If His breath gave us life, and He's everywhere, this means that during every single breath we have the choice of accepting a miracle, abundance, health, wellness and every kind of good or we can choose to think we are not worthy of it, we are still waiting for something in the future, or we are waiting until we believe that we deserve it. It is our choice.

If i truly believe in the Word, I will realize that God's blessings are everywhere around me. It is my choice to accept these blessings thru my breath. As i breathe, i acknowledge my right to these blessings. These blessings belong to me, because the God that loves me, lives in me and thru me. He created the blessings for me and i deserve them because they are part of the God in me.

If i believe that God is to be praised, if i believe that God deserves all of me, and that God lives in me and thru me, then that means, that i must remind myself that i am His vessel. I also deserve all, because that's God's wish for me, to bless me and prosper me.

As i breathe i can feel grateful for my blessings and accept them whole-heartedly. Thinking of specific gifts or of specifics that i wish for will only limit what God has intended for me. Simply accepting all of His blessings in His name because everything that comes into my life is for my good, in His name.

I breathe health, wealth, abundance, and every kind of good. I breathe in my right to have my prayers answered. I breathe in the miracles of redemption and restoration. I breathe in the power of miracles manifesting into my life today and every day. I breathe in the miracles of redemption and restoration. I breathe in God-given wisdom. I breathe in God's power inside of me, God's protection, God's grace for my life, strength in my faith, strength for my love, strength to follow my dreams, strength to believe that my wishes are all granted, in His name.

I breathe in forgiveness of myself and others. I breathe in all type of good. I breathe in victory in all that i set out to do. I breathe in happiness.

Thank you Lord for opening my eyes. Thank you Lord for opening my heart. Thank you Lord for your patience with me and for showing me how to be patient with myself. Thank you Lord for making me your vessel. Thank you Lord for making me who i am. Thank you Lord for showing me my purpose. Thank you Lord for my life. Thank you Lord for my breath, every breath.


From my personal experience, I have learned that fear and love cannot coexist at the same time. I have witnessed at my court hearings that when the devil is present, all logic, rational, empathy, reasoning, and common sense disappears from people. Those individual's hearts seem possessed by a force that kills the love in their heart. It is as if the individual completely eradicates God from their life.

I have been in situations of extreme violence, where i almost lost my life and in situations where the devil surrounded me everywhere that i went looking for help. I made the choice of allowing the devil to convince me of its power. The results were devastating.

Then, I made the choice to allow God to destroy the evil surrounding my life. Because I have lived out both scenarios, I believe that it has been my perspective, and nothing more, that decided either victory or defeat in my life. Some battles just belong to God because souls are at stake.

Every single time that I've chosen God over fear, I have been victorious. While the evil is at every corner trying to convince me of its power, i have been successful at navigating life by remembering that the God in me, is always more powerful and stronger than the evil in the world around me.

When i walk in this faith, all obstacles break down. When i attach myself to my faith, nothing in my environment has power over my love, over my victories or over my happiness.

Love always vanishes fear.

God always banishes fear.

A light in the room will always light it up regardless of how dark it is. Little bits of love is all that is needed to turn a life around. Hope, possibility, and faith have been necessary for me to create miracles in my life. These 'conversations' with God create a direct connection to Him, where by I feel heard and answered.

When i feel fearless, powerful and i accept the truth that I am God's princess and that i am deserving of His love, this has been all that I've needed to remind myself that the crimes committed against me do not go unpunished.

This is the miracle formula. Now that i know the miracle formula, i must believe it. Now that i believe it, i accept it as truth. Now that i accept it as truth, how long before i manifest all of the desires in my heart?

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