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#DIYHomeDecor Table Covers

The picture above is of one of two small tables that were in very bad shape. My family had been using them to paint materials on top of them. The top is made up of several separate small pieces of wood. Some of the pieces were loose.

I have a variety of .99 cloth remnants that i have accumulated. While I LOVE ALL colors, i will admit to owning mostly black, white and red items. I know black is the absence of color. White is the inclusion of all colors and red is passion; so very me!

In less than 30 minutes i had measured the cloth, cut it, nailed it and glued it. My 'new' lovely tables is what i am typing on now!

Below I will share the progression of the project. Enjoy!

Here is one of the tables. The small wooden pieces were loose. Once the cloth was placed tightly on, there was no problem. However, in hindsight, i should've used wood glue to glue them back into place. Lesson learned.

Next, I picked a remnant from my collection. This color scheme goes great with my accessories in the office.

When I folded the cloth in half, it was no longer see thru and the width was perfect. I made a small cut along the dots and just followed the line of dots across.

Because the edges are rounded, i looked for a way to make sure the cloth was going to cover evenly. I then decided to also use my glue gun along with nails around the edges.

Below you can see that the sides also have an extra piece of wood that is used to stabilize legs when the table is folded. This was also easily fixed by simply making additional cuts to the cloth on those sections.

Once all of the planning details had been looked at and solved, the fun part began!

The project used 6 mails total for each table.

I hammered the nails half way and then flattened to make sure the corners were properly securing the cloth around the edges. I also glued the edges.

The picture below shows how i cut the cloth around the extra piece of wood on each side. I then glued all of the remaining cloth.

This is what the tables looked like from underneath when i was done measuring cutting, nailing, cutting again the inside pieces, and placing glue around the edges.

This is the top view of the finished table. In less than 30 minutes I finished both!

The finished tables. I put my monitor on one and my lap top on the other. If you enjoyed the project, share it. If you have questions to ask me about your own project, or if you have made your own from my blog post, leave me a comment because i would love to hear about it!

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