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10 Skincare "Sins" To Avoid

10 Skincare "Sins" To Avoid

In our digital age of selfies, having beautiful, glowing, flawless skin is a must. This subject is so massive that i will only briefly cover 10 "sins" that i've previously posted on my Instagram over the last month. (www.Instagram.com/elizabethsite.com)

This blog post conveniently provides you with all 10 "sins" in ONE spot. Let's start!

Skin "Sin" #1 Over Exfoliation

The dangers with over exfoliation are simple and seem to follow the same pattern. Extreme or abrasive exfoliation will cause irritation. While some may experience a sudden 'glow' after your initial over exfoliation, do not be fooled. This initial "glow' comes from your skin's sudden over production of oil, to recover what you have just stripped off.

If you do not immediately provide a soothing mask to replenish the natural oils, you may end up with break outs from the sudden excessive oil production. If the sudden breakouts are then inflamed further with more harsh chemicals, creams, soaps, etc, the bacteria will likely begin to spread. Once you have a bacterial infection that has spread, i strongly suggest contacting a dermatologist to help you.

When i owned my spa, I used to use blue and red lasers to bring the bacterial infection back under control. There are devices on the market that are safe for at home use that you may wish to research, if you suffer from this type of condition. Always consult your physician, prior to any self diagnosing. Every Monday I teach about the different exfoliation techniques that have worked for me and my clients over the years. My methods involve all natural, food products from the kitchen and very mild products that are highly effective.

Skin "Sin" #2 Skipping SPF

According to the most prominent research worldwide, estimates claim that 70, 80 and some claim that up to 90% of visible signs of aging are attributed to sun exposure. Keep this in mind next time that you decide to skip your SPF lotion, prior to heading out for the day.

Just like your face needs SPF, so does your neck and decolletage. Age spots (sun spots) cab be easily kept at bay, with a consistent skincare regimen. My Thursday class covers this topic.

Skin "Sin" #3 Skipping the Double Cleanse

For those who do not know what a double cleanse is, I am glad that you are reading this post! Double cleanse simply means that when you remove your make up at night and then wash your face, there is still one more step that you are missing.

The first cleanse is a wash that removes the oil, the dirt and provides for a mild exfoliation to remove the dead skin cells. The second cleanse is a toner that returns the pH balance to the skin. My Monday class also covers this topic.

Skin "Sin" #4 Sensitive Skin Also Needs a Skincare Routine

Not having a skincare routine because you have sensitive skin will increase your chances of developing faster skin damage and aging. There are foods and food grade products that you can use on your skin in order to establish a healthy skincare routine, regardless of your skin type.

In my Thursday class, i teach about replacing harsh chemicals in the home and from beauty routines.

Skin "Sin" #5 Using Hot Water on Skin-Especially on Your Face

For those who live in warm climates this is typically not an issue. The clients that have this habit tend to be those who live in very cold climates. While i understand that taking a hot shower is relaxing and soothing, you must remember that hot water will cause your pores to open. Then, as you rub soap on your skin, the natural oils on your skin will be removed.

The effect can be similar to those who over exfoliate. The same pattern may arise from routinely splashing very hot water on the skin.

Do remember that saunas, steam rooms and the steam technique that i teach on Monday's class is not damaging to your skin because i teach you a wonderful hydration process after the steam technique. There are studies that have been conducted on people who shower with cold water that may interest you. Search the practice online, or join my Monday class to find out more.

Skin "Sin" #6 Stopping Your Skincare Routine At Your Chin

If you know that your skincare routine must include your neck, decolletage, hands and arms, then you are probably enjoying amazing skin already.

For those who wish to save money on product, and therefore only use their 'expensive' creams on their face and neglect the other highly exposed areas of the body, then i strongly suggest that you join my classes.

My classes are meant to teach you how food and food grade products are much better for your hair, skin and nails. Save the money from your next high end purchase and purchase a week with me instead! One week of my classes and you will immediately see a return in your investment.

Skin "Sin" #7 Using OLD Products

We are all guilty of this "sin." There is a pricey product that we purchased, but we have not really used all that much. We know that each product has a label with the suggested time for use. We all have looked at the product at the back of the drawer, have looked at how EXPIRED it is, and we all have, at some point, gone ahead and continued using the product.

Most cosmetics have harsh chemicals. There is a law in California that is taking the helm on transforming the cosmetics industry. In the mean time, WE must be a responsible consumer. We must take responsibility for educating ourselves on what chemicals are in each one of our products that we use.

Think about the products in your body lotion, for example. This product goes all over your body and do you know if it even has proper pH balance?

Skin "Sin" #8 Not Being Consistent With Your Masks

How often do we go to a store and purchase a mask because we know that our hair or our skin needs them? Now, consider how often we skip these same masks, which may end up expiring?

Our hair, skin and nails are under attack by the rays of the sun and by free radicals on a daily basis. Masks are what we use to replenish the oils lost during the week.

My Friday class is where i share DIY makeup recipes including hair, face and body masks. Video (https://youtu.be/U8LF_woszyY )

Skin "Sin" #9 Not Cleaning Your Beauty Tools

During every makeup tutorial, i stress the importance of having a wipe cloth, an alcohol bottle and demonstrate the importance of at least wiping down your tools after EVERY use. I deep clean my tools once per month, (over night) but my tools are cleaned after every use with alcohol.

Not too long ago there was a viral video on YouTube of a young girl who ended up in the hospital with a horrific infection on her face. The doctors were able to control the infection before it spread to her eye ball, which would've caused permanent blindness in that eye. The culprit was named. It was her eye brow brush. (Apparently the brush had the same bacteria on it.)

While this is an extreme case of what can go wrong, i know of plenty of clients who have admitted to breakouts due to infected makeup brushes. Let us not forget the need to also disinfect your hair brushes and of course to replace toothbrushes in a timely manner. This subject is also part of the Friday classes.

Skin "Sin" #10 Not Listening To Your Skin

This final tip is the most simple tip of all. If your skin is not in flawless condition, then there are steps that you can take, right now, in order to achieve your skincare goals. This is where my classes and my coaching comes in.

Flawless skin is a lifelong journey. Flawless skin, healthy hair and nails are not things that you "achieve" and then you forget about, and live the rest of your life with amazing skin.

The journey to amazing hair, skin and nails is a lifelong process. A process that takes dedication, consistency and patience. I do not offer a magic solution in a bottle with a heavy price tag. What i do offer is to teach you how to create a skincare routine that works for you, for your skin type, for your age, with your local weather taken in to consideration. I welcome the opportunity to help you recover your confidence in your skincare routine.

Finally, our skin is the largest organ of the human body. While different parts of the body have unique needs, the fact remains that care must be taken, in order to enjoy flawless skin and in order to avoid disease.

While some attribute genetics for someone's glowing skin and also point to genetics for those who suffer from unhealthy skin, another fact is that even the most genetically gifted individual will have problem skin if they do not adopt a skincare routine.

It is my opinion that the individual's discipline has more to do with flawless skin than genetics.

DISCLAIMER: (I am not a physician, a dermatologist, a nutritionist, and do not hold any type of degree or licensing. These are only my opinions. If you suffer from a medical condition, contact a licensed physician.)

Hope that this blog helps you on your skincare journey! Leave me a comment with your thoughts or your skincare experience.

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