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5 TIPS for Living a Life Full of BLISS, Everyday!

My posts on all of my social media revolve around positivity, physical & mental health, beauty, wellness, spirituality, food and even dating.

Lately I've been receiving the same question, so here is a blog post addressing the subject and to answer my clients who have asked me for my tips on living a life with 💯 % eternal, daily bliss.

First of all, while I appreciate the compliment, I have referred them to my custody situation. Every time, their shock has turned into anger. They become angry over MY situation and then are even more perplexed as to how can i have such a positive outlook on life.

This subject is taught during my Saturday class, every week. Here are 5 TIPS that have worked for me on living a life full of BLISS. I hope they will help you too.

TIP #1
I CLENCH To My Divine Promises

My life is not normal. The level of psychological abuse, verbal abuse and emotional abuse that i have suffered and continue to suffer on a daily basis is inhumane.

The criminal behavior by both Gerard Lavelle (who had a nervous breakdown on the stand, during my hearing) and Debra Ramirez (removed my sole custody and gave custody of my 13.5 mo old breast fed infant to the man who tried to KILL us a few weeks earlier) will someday be punished by the proper authorities. God promises redemption and restoration to HIS children. The Bible is also clear on what happens to these people on judgment day. Doubt God will give probation to Lavelle or Ramirez.

Because I believe in the Bible, my position is to treat the entire situation with the highest level of INDIFFERENCE, while continuing the fight to end my human rights and civil rights violations.

By taking this position, I have made the choice to refuse to allow anything (including this situation) to interfere with my DIVINE right for a happy life.

This is how I have learned to enjoy all aspects of my existence. Thru this mentality, I feel God protects us and shields us from the temporary circumstances in our lives, both my child's and my own. My circumstances are God's fight, not mine. Detachment is vital.

TIP #2
I Do Not Know of Anyone With a 100% Blissful Existence

Thing is, in my life, I have days that are not 💯🎉. The difference is that I only put my energy towards what i can control, what i can change, what i can influence or what i can do.

By choosing to focus my thoughts on finding ways to resolve the "problems," solutions seem to come to mind suddenly. With time all problems become much more understandable.

So, even before 2012-2013, when my domestic violence relationship to Rudy Herrera came to manifest in my life, where he attempted to end my life several times, my life was not perfect before either. HOWEVER, it was these events which have dramatically changed my life to what it is now.

TIP #3
Difficult Situations Teach Us Something, If We Allow Them

Surviving these events is what has empowered me to be able to now teach others how to get out of domestic violence relationships, how to spot domestic violence abusers, how to deal with severe abuse, how to transform negative energy into a positive outlet.

My choices were simple. I could either become bitter, angry, frustrated upset and behave in a manner which is un-lady like or i could choose to learn from the situation, grow as a human being, and then teach others about my lessons learned.

This is how i am able to have a thriving business where i teach others how to overcome their obstacles, how to stay positive under ANY circumstance and how to achieve a life full of joy and happiness, regardless of what is going on in their daily lives.

The choice is always ours. Will we allow outside events determine our lives or will we take ownership of our existence and pave the way for our own future? "He who is in me is greater than he who is out in the world."

TIP #4
The Power of My Life is Mine and Mine Alone.

This is a common concept that everyone seems to be teaching. Problem is that no one teaches you how to "see" this for yourself in your own life.

Not sure if my techniques will work for you, but here they are:

Constant 1. My constant positive attitude towards all life being sacred &

Constant 2. My strong beliefs in the Bible promises. My spirituality.

For me, these two constants have allowed me to remember that my life is precious and sacred. These beliefs come from my strong faith. I have built a life based on these principles.

This thinking has empowered me enough to be the woman that i am today. A woman who shapes her life based on foundations of love and empathy.

TIP #5
Self Judgment is Destructive

I used to dwell on the problem and then became increasingly upset over the situation. Most of my clients have this same way of thinking before we work thru their situations.

Out of this entire blog post, if there is anything that you take from this it is this: Judging yourself will always result in your life getting worse. Always.

The way that i teach people to work thru this mentality is to have someone who helps you change your perception of the problem and those involved.

Thinking negatively about yourself and others will create a life full of stress, doubts, fears and insecurities. Only by changing your feelings towards the negative situation can positive change finally enter that area of your life.

Finally, everyone has the power to control their own future. While we cannot control what happens to us in the future, we can control our reaction to it.

These topics are part of what i teach during my Saturday Classes. The classes go into much more depth, but I wanted to at least share these 5 tips with you all, to encourage you to sign up for the Saturday class.

Each Monday thru Saturday class is $45. Each monthly workshop is $75. My full 7 Pillars of Beauty Program is $270.

It is my prayer that you find the peace that you're looking for. It is my prayer that you all find the path that leads you to the happiness that you see in me. Below I have included some 1 minute Instagram recap videos for you to know what the classes are about.

With love,


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