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#Instagram Response to Holocaust post by #FLOTUS

@irmamallah I prayed 🙏before posting this. 1. You call Jews, “your people.” 2. I am not Jewish, therefore, I am not “your people.” 3. Regardless of your religious belief system, you are my people because you’re a human being. 4. I have love for you even if you do not see me as important as other Jews. 5. There is NO difference in this Jew/non-Jew mentality that you believe in and in Hitlers’ genocide of the planet. 6. To Hitler, both of us were undesirable to him because you’re Jewish and I’m not Aryan-looking. There would have been NO difference to him. Yet, you make a distinction between us. 7. This separation that you make mentality between a Jewish person and me is the Hatred that allowed WWII to happen. Separation between human beings in ANY form, will yield problems. About reading Anne Frank as a mandatory read in High School and about being forced to watch the carnage of WWII. 1. I am opposed to what I was forced to read and what I was forced to watch. 2. Are the Jewish children forced to watch what happened to Aztecs during the Spanish genocide? No. Yet, I was forced to watch and was forced to read what happened to Anne Frank. All American children are forced to read Anne Frank during High School. 3. The reason why I am so against public schools making the book and the movies a mandatory read and mandatory in general is because the Jewish community sees us, non-Jews as “not their people.” 4. If the Jewish community sees us as not their people, why are American children forced to see their community as important? 5. Much rooted anti Semitic beliefs come from the elevation of one religious group over another. 6. There is no difference in what the Spanish did to the Aztecs and Hitlers’ ambitions for murdering all non-Aryans. Hate is hate. But in America, we do not force children to read about any other religious group; only the Jewish events. 7. Anne Frank is not a martyr of Hitlers reign of terror. 8. Anne Frank’s life, book and her subsequent murder is an important historical event because she represents the murder of innocence by hate. 9. Anne Frank’s story is vital for children in school to read about because she is a child THAT same age who was murdered by a government who pushed hate as their agenda. (Not much different than what is going on during President Donald Trump’s Presidency. Democrats pushing hate against Republicans. Many similarities between Hitlers’ Democrats and American Democrats in 2019) 10. Anne Frank’s story is compelling because hate takes on flesh and bone and lives thru her journal. 11. Anne Frank’s innocent life is important on all of these levels and more BUT NOT because she was a murdered Jew. She was murdered innocence. 12. Teaching our children that hate, in ANY form will always lead to the destruction of the individual’s soul is vital! 13. Teaching that we are all equal human beings, with equal rights, that all human beings deserve empathy and respect, this is what Anne Frank should be pointing us to learn and NOT that she was a Jew. 14. Anne Frank’s religious beliefs are irrelevant. 15. American schools ignoring the genocide of the Russian people during this time is also wrong. Again this places the importance of the death of one people over another. Again, hate is being allowed to exist by normalizing the elevation of one group over another. In love and peace, I see you as a valuable human being because you’re worthy of my empathy and love and not because of any religious label that you put on yourself. (Remember, others Jews would immediately disown you if you were to convert to Christianity. Their support and love for you is CONDITIONAL . My love for you is based on your humanity and unconditional.) I say this to you, even if you do not see me as an equal, just because I have a different belief system.  

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