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Black History Month FB Response. Hate is hate. Skin tone, religious beliefs and geographical locatio

VivianElizabeth Marquez DeLa Garza Hi there, I obviously don’t speak for Josh in any way but I just wanted to say a couple things... First of all, the “B” in Black is capitalized. Second, as white or non-Black women, we NEVER get to minimize, define, or explain what is or isn’t important, traumatizing, etc. to a Black person about their history. It’s THEIR history. Black History Month is of the utmost importance because the history of Black people has been whitewashed and covered up so that most white people today are completely unaware of true Black history (or current affairs). Furthermore, reparations have never, ever been paid to Black people, as they have to other races like Jews, for the horrific things they experienced throughout their history and within the system of racism today. I agree that slaughter of all people is wrong (obviously) but please don’t come into a Black person’s space trying to re-write or change their intention and the meaning of their post. It means something to Josh and he wanted it here. Just my opinion 🙏🏼 


Dani Dwyer Willingham Dani, You give me too much power. I did not go onto a human being’s page (REGARDLESS of their skin tone) to change that post’s intention or the meaning. Just like you are expressing your dislike for my opinion, and I happily accept YOUR perspective, I too have the same right as you, to simply post my view. Your taking offense to my words only goes back to YOUR life experience and has nothing to do with ME. Back to this post, I will reiterate, what I saw in that picture is 1. An innocent human being who was brutally murdered. 2. I saw the hatred of the responsible cemented in their facial expressions. Regardless of the murdered human being’s skin color and regardless of the skin color of the hateful responsible, my point is that HATE is what is at the root of the problem. This innocent would not have been murdered if it wasn’t for hate, regardless of each of their skin tone. (Think Hitler and Jews-hate. Same skin tone of both.) When you have such a strong reaction against ME, because I attack hate and I call upon humanity to shed all labels (religious, skin color, geographical) and then try to correct me on how to spell, again, I reiterate that your anger is misplaced. I will spell how I was taught in academia and not how a Facebook reply demands me to. The picture Josh posted is an important visual. It serves as a reminder of what hatred is capable of but, for me, it is NOT a representation of skin color. Again, we differ in opinion. I will not expect you to change your opinion to agree with me and I will DEFINITELY not agree with you of making an entire race a victim. ALL races on the planet have been subject to genocide by some supreme power or another. The common denominator is HATE. Just hate towards fellow human beings. God bless you and may God heal so much pain that you protect so close to your heart against all who are not your skin tone and against all who do not agree with you. From my end, I harbor zero ill will towards anyone, regardless of their skin tone or their religious beliefs. I live my life with love and defend my principles. ❤️ 

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