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Hate. Hate. Hate.

This week is the Tucson gem show 🎉. If you don’t know what it is and you like shiny rocks, like I do, you need to find out! I know the Denver Merchandise Mart used to have one too, on an epic scale.

On my way to the show, I had a white male, in his 50s, 60s, driving a newer model Jeep begin his road rage against me because I dared to switch to the left lane (it is not “his” lane). I was passing a semi truck and put my signal. I also waived to thank him for letting me pass.

As soon as I was in the left lane. My mother noticed the vehicle getting very close to our rear bumper. By close, I mean, I could clearly see his sunglasses and his entire facial features on my rear view mirror. 

I made matters worse by slamming on my brakes. The man went into a further rage and began swirling in and out of traffic to get up to my window. I continued to pass him up as the right lane continued to slow down.

The exchange continued until I trapped him behind a semi and a line of vehicles. Not sure if the semi had seen it all and helped by maintaining a speed with the other lane, but point is the man was stopped in traffic. 

As we drove off, I saw him trying to go on the shoulder of the highway at about 80mph, to try to evade the semi and cars. He ultimately gave up.

The names and hand gestures that this man yelled and did to my mother and I was nothing new. I’ve seen people enraged in all sorts of settings. Fact is I’ve witnessed enraged individuals all of my life, most currently in my custody case. https://www.change.org/p/vivian-elizabeth-marquez-remove-judges-gerard-lavelle-debra-ramirez-from-bernalillo-county-district-family-court?recruiter=856639768&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition (please read, share and sign my petition)

On Aug 2018, the judge on my case (Gerard Lavelle) spiraled out of control into a full blown mental breakdown rage episode, inside court, during the hearing, on the record. During this massive criminal act, the sitting judge verbally abused by called me every name possible against a woman and against a human being. I was abused for 22 minutes straight.... 

Of course I reported the incident, with a copy of the hearing to Judicial Standards. The prior Chairman, Mr. Roybal adviced me that legal action against the judge would finally occur, on his word.

A week later I received notification that this Chairman had been fired and the new Chairwoman would be doing nothing against the judge. 

Having these experiences have not been easy. 

Despite all of this, I live a happy life.

Normally, I like to concentrate on the positive aspects of my life. My blog and business are dedicated to spreading optimism, positivity, love, compassion, empathy and joy but it is also meant to empower my readers against abuse, violence and personal attacks. Being a doormat for abusers doesn’t do anyone any good. Pointing out wrongs and evil in life is also important to me and hence here is this post.

After praying about this subject (this happened on Saturday), I am choosing to post this anecdote.

This subject is also on the same line as some of my recent posts on the Holocaust and on Black History Month.

Back to my story. 

How easy would it be for someone to get a chip on their shoulder and say, “That white man hates all Mexicans?” (Due to his racial slurs) plus, not only is my physical appearance obviously Hispanic, but I was driving a vehicle with Consulate plates.

How easy is it for someone to jump on the hate bandwagon and begin to think, “ALL whites hate Mexicans/Hispanics/Latinos?” Please reread these last 2 paragraphs.

Notice, how easily the hate spreads from ONE incident, from one moron, to then suddenly include the entire race of white peoples, as if one idiot represents the entire race on the planet.

Also notice that the second statement is then generalized to “umbrella” the hate as not being against me, my actions or the circumstance, but instead it is spread massively to include ALL people from the country Mexico. After one comma, the statement includes all brown people. After a second comma the hate has now spread to include an entire continent, all Latinos.

The next step is obvious. The President hates all Latinos. One moron on the highway and suddenly the conversation includes the President, an entire continent and an entire race of people?! Seriously?

The victim mentality conversation easily mushrooms out of control in just 3 statements. This is how mainstream media programs the masses. This is how hate is embedded into our psyche. This is extremely dangerous. Let us remember what hate did around the world during the 1930s and 1940s.  

Let’s get back to my story.

The facts are simple. One moron, who happens to have a certain shade of skin, became angry because he’s an idiot and acted out. Period. I made matters worse by slamming on my brakes. 

That’s it. Those are the facts. There’s NOTHING more to this story! This story of hate begins and ends with the actions of one mentally unstable individual. Regardless of his gender. Regardless of his political affiliation. Regardless of his skin tone. Regardless of my skin tone. Regardless of my plates on my car. Independent of any factors, the fact is that this man is an angry moron full of rage. Period.

This type of conversation is necessary because I’ve noticed a very dangerous trend since President Trump was elected. The trend is hate. In psychology there is term called projecting. 

One single individual, in this case the President of the United States has been the main target for projection by the mainstream media. The result has been catastrophic for our communities, for our society and for politics in general.

If I mention that I am a conservative republican at family events or at my father’s official work gatherings, the conversation immediately turns to hate.

If anyone in the room mentions the President of the United States or any current political topic, the conversation turns to hate.

If anyone mentions one skin tone or another, immediately the conversation turns to hate.

Notice a pattern? No one can speak ANYTHING because the conversation default is hate.

As a brown Mexican girl who grew up at state dept events with politicians, I can tell you that the color of our skin has never been an issue. Mexicans come in shades from Albino Mexicans to the darkest shades of Black. The issue in politics and society has always been the origin of our ancestors, Mexico. Without going into historic detail, a large portion of Mexico was “sold” to the US, but also a large potion was TAKEN by gun, as it was taken from the Native Americans. Much of the USA was Mexico. 

Also, the Mexican race is a fairly new race of people, for those who didn’t know. Mexico was populated by Natives, Olmec, Aztecs, Mayan and other tribes. At the Cathederal in Mexico City, there is a plaque. It reads something like this... Here is the place where the painful birth of a new race was created and another destroyed.

The Spaniards’ genocide created an entire new race, Mexicans. Further mixing came from French soldiers who stayed in Mexico.

Furthermore, the murders of the Native Americans and the murders of the Mexicans are ignored in American history books. The genocide of the Russian people by Hitler is also ignored in American history books. 

Yet, I was FORCED to read Anne Frank as a freshman in a public High School. I was also forced to watch inappropriate footage of the carnage of WWII at age 14. American children are forced to acknowledge and almost revere the suffering of the Jewish community, while ignoring the genocide of Native Americans and Mexicans. 

American children are forced to acknowledge the suffering of a race who sees non-Jews as not equals. Jewish children are taught that we, non-Jews are are not “their” people.... 

The slavery of the African people is at least acknowledged and there’s even Black History Month. I am against many of the above teachings on the basis that they all promote hate.

In my life I’ve suffered the worst hate from a woman named Debra Ramirez. She lives in Albuquerque, NM and was a “judge” on my custody case. In my life I’ve met a few mentally unstable, power hungry, psychotics, including the father of my child, but this woman is absolutely insane with rage and hatred.

I don’t need to point out that she is female. She is also Hispanic. So, female against female hate. Hispanic against Hispanic hate. She has threatened to end my life inside her courtroom with her bailiff mocking me. I called APD and reported the threats against my life by this judge and her staff, only to be told that they have no jurisdiction inside the courtroom or against employees inside the courtroom.

Debra Ramirez knew of my rape and attempted murder and called me a liar, as I held my medical records. She then proceeded to illegally remove my sole custody of my breastfed 13.5 month old only child and have sole custody to the man who tried to kill us a few weeks earlier.

I’ve also had a shot gun pointed at me when I was in high school and attempted to go to a restaurant in Denver, CO. The couple yelled obscenities at me and my friends and said “no coloreds” allowed on their property. 

I’ve also been called white in Florida as an attendant literally told a black couple to wait until whites were attended first. This happened around 1998. This attendant was also female and she was African American.

I’ve had police officers (including Marcus Moya & Greg Salazar in Albuquerque, NM) in all skin tones make fun of the fact that I was beaten, raped and left for dead and the criminal got away with it. I have prayed for their children, who are learning their parent’s culture of hate.

The purpose of this post is to have you see that despite everything and I do mean EVERYTHING that has happened in my life, or perhaps because of my life experiences, I do not see gender, skin tone, religious beliefs, or a person’s geographic location as important and I definitely do not believe in judging anyone due to their ancestors’ actions.

Hating someone because slavery happened is as unjustified to me as hating all people with the same skin tone as the man who wanted to run me off he road. Makes no sense to me to hate anyone based on ANYTHING.

Hate is only good for one thing. Hate brings dis-ease to the body. In my opinion THAT is the sole purpose of hate, illness.

People are just human beings who are flawed. We are just trying to do the best that we can each and every day, given the circumstances that have happened in our past or unfortunate circumstances in our present. 

There’s enough hate in the world. There’s no need to be a promoter of even more hate. At least not for me. Nothing justifies anyone from going around making such broad hateful comments and behaving in such a hateful manner towards fellow human beings.

To wrap this up, remember that everyone has bad days. You too. When someone is a jerk, is out of line, is hateful, does generalizations, projections, has victim mentality, how is any of that YOUR fault? It is not.

Your accountability comes in with your negative thoughts, words and actions about others and self judgment. This is what will ultimately make it back to you, by making yourself feel like a victim. 

No one is a victim, unless you choose to be. I am against the glorification of historical wrongs because we glorify victimhood and we glorify horrific acts. Instead of so many Holocaust museums that concentrate on death and victims, I would love to see a shift to highlight the ones who were HEROES during this time of horror. 

Research Nicolas Winton. Research Johan van Hulst. Research Georges Loinger. Finally, please read about Janusz Korczak. He refused freedom time after after time in order to stay with his orphans. He even kept them calm all the way to death. He died with them in order to keep them calm up to the end. These people are from different countries, but they all smuggled children out of Nazi grasp. These heroes go hardly mentioned.

People forget that the WWII hate covered ALL areas of hate possible. Hate against religion. Hate against skin tone. Hate against where you’re from. Hate against people who like a different political party (Hitler was a Socialist Democrat). Hate against your profession. Hate against disability. Hate against sexual orientation. Yet, Hitler was very protective of animals and was loving to his wife.

When we loose empathy towards our fellow human beings, we loose our ability to be connected to God source. When we disconnect to God source, we open ourselves to all kinds of evil to enter into our lives. We then look for ways to blame others for the evil in our lives. We must understand that all of this evil in our lives, it all stems from our hearts. Proverbs 4:23.

It is my sincere wish that you feel the love with which I am writing this post. It is my sincere wish that you look deep into your thoughts and find whatever hate you may harbor against any skin tone, against any religious establishment, against any stranger, for whatever reason, and remember that we are all equally human. Without our shred humanity we are prone to repeat our past mistakes.  

Without addressing our feelings in our hearts, WWII can repeat. Anyone who has studied WWII and the Hitler regime, can see exactly the footprint being repeated all over again.

Be a seed of love. Or don’t. Just don’t complain about life when it is not what you would like. Take my life as an example. I live by the Word. I promote happiness and love, yet, I am living a life where the criminal who raped me and tried to murder me several times is out loose and laughing that he got away with it. He tells people what a liar I am because if I were telling the truth, he would be in jail.

Again, I urge readers to support my petition and remember that what happens to us is just life. It is up to us to grow bitter or to not allow hate to enter our hearts regardless of what is happening. I stick to my faith. I know redemption is mine. God Bless.


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