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Is YOUR Skin Tone Warm, Cool or Both?

During my private sessions, one of the first questions that I ask is, “Are you familiar with your color palette?”

The reason that this is the basic question for all fashion, style and makeup private sessions is because YOU need to know what your colors are before you go shopping for clothing and makeup.

The famous stars look fabulous all of the time because they have dedicated teams of experts who are constantly dressing them to flatter their height, their skin tone, their hair color, eye color, and every single feature on their bodies. 

Then there’s the other set of experts who style their hair and makeup, take their pictures and HEAVILY EDIT those pictures.

Setting a goal for yourself to look like a specific celebrity seems to be a waste of a beautiful, unique life, in my opinion.

Each and every client of mine and each reader is a unique work of art. A unique and magnificent masterpiece that is radiant because of its own uniqueness.

I choose to celebrate each and every one of you and your individual beauty.

Let’s get started!

Step #1. 

Look at your veins.

Blue veins means that your skin will be more flattered by COOL colors in your clothing and makeup. Silvers and pastels are your friends 🎉

Green veins means that your flattering color palette will be WARM tones. Golds tones and dark rich colors are your friends 🎉

Now, take a look at the picture below. This is my wrist.

Notice the different shades in my veins? I have different shades. If your veins look like mine, it means that you’re NEUTRAL.

While we can “pull off” silvers and golds, pastels and rich dark colors, neutrals must consider their hair color and eye color next, in order to find the most flattering shades of color. Neutrals have the most flexibility and also the hardest time pin pointing their master color palette.

Step #2. 

Practice, practice, practice.

When you go shopping, take your time trying on as many color outfits as you can. Take pictures of yourself in the dressing room.

When you’re home take a look at yourself in the colors. You will immediately be able to see which colors bring out your eye color, which colors make your skin tone glow, which colors make your skin look dull and gray and which colors are a wash.

This is my best advice for figuring out what your best colors are, AFTER you’ve figured out your warm, cool or neutral skin tone.

Make sure to take advantage of the sales ladies. At up scale stores some of these women are personal shoppers. People hire them to do their shopping for them. 

As the store if they have personal shoppers. Then, while there, make sure to get their expert opinion on your outfits.

Step #3. 

Below are two examples of both Silver and Gold eyeshadow for you to see on my skin tone.

Day look

Heavier dark on sides and more eye liner for a more dramatic evening look.

Add falsies and extra shadow on the corners to convert any day look into an evening look.

Daylight and evening light will completely transform your colors as well. Look at the difference between natural light and fluorescent light. Same makeup shade, just different light.

When applying makeup, make sure you apply it with the light you will be in. Office light at work vs daylight for a day out.

Gold vs Silver makeup. 

Make your own makeup at home with food ingredients. Join my Friday Makeup Class for more fun recipes.

Color palettes.

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May you have a wonderful and blessed today and every day 🙏

With ❤️ love,


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