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My Greek toes vs Ballet Point Shoes

This is a #dance post. If you’re not a dancer, you may have a child, a family member or a neighbor with a young child in dance classes. This post is for you to share. When you place your young child into any kind of dance classes but especially ballet classes, it is important to consider your child’s toes when buying them their dance shoes. My toes are “Greek.” My dance shoe NEEDS, for my type of feet, are very different from the other types of toes. There are wedges and pieces of foam to cushion your child’s point shoes but the most important aspect of shoe fitting is to make sure that all toes have equal support. For ex. my toes need a thin support wedge on my big toe, in order to compensate my longer index toe. This extra support will make sure that when I point, my toes are on an even surface and that my index toe is not crushed. Due to the nature of my Greek toes, they all have different heights, with my little toe being very low on my foot, leaving a lot of empty space in my point shoes. While this may seem extravagant, I assure you it is not. Young children are still maturing and their small bones are quite frail. 

Nowadays it is VERY inexpensive to go to the Dollar Tree store and purchase foot cushions. Simply cut, paste, combine and fit until you end up with the appropriate cushion for each toe. Always with ❤️ love, Elizabeth #dance #ballet #balletdancer #balletfeet #balletclass #balletshoes #greektoes #toes #prettytoes #ballerina #ballerinafeet  



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