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Exercise TIPS. Before Bed, When You Wake Up & During the Day

You don’t exercise because you don’t have time to get ready. You don’t feel like dragging a gym bag and driving to a gym? You don’t have anyone to watch kiddos? You cannot fit such extravagant time into your schedule?

Whatever excuses you tell yourself for not exercising are very valid. Allow me to be the first to say to you that I understand EXACTLY why you don’t exercise at all. How can anyone expect you to exercise with such a demanding schedule that most working adults have?

Between work, romantic partner, kiddos and cleaning house and family demands, NO ONE has the time for silly things like working out.

Only single people who have nothing better to do work out right? Only people who don’t have a demanding schedule, kiddos, a job or family, right?

The title of this blog let’s you know that this post is about sharing ways in which you CAN work out, despite your schedule and lifestyle. 

Before I start the tips, know that I honestly do believe what I wrote before. I believe you when you say that you just don’t have time. I believe you when you say that you’re overwhelmed as is, without adding one more “to do” on top of an already overflowing and over packed daily schedule. 

This post is to give you ideas on how you CAN work out daily. These are creative ways in which you can incorporate exercise into your life.

Ready? Let’s get started.

TIP #1. 

When you wake up.

Waking up to an alarm clock that we snooze to, and we’re already running late, is NOT the ideal time to work out, right? Or how about having having kiddos running late for school, you can’t possibly squeeze in a 30 minute workout in the morning!

Personally, when I have appointments that start later on in the afternoon (Wednesdays and Saturdays), I wake up when I want. I get up when I want, and I take my time stretching, doing at least an hour of yoga, cardio and dance. I love those days!

The other five days of the week are not as relaxed, especially Mondays. My schedule demands that I begin an early day and be prepared to go live online by sometimes 8am. 

On these days, I get up, stretch my shoulders, stretch my thighs and do 100 jumping jacks. If I have time, I do 50 squats and 30 push ups more. If I don’t have time, I always do at least the 100 jumping jacks. 

The 100 jumping jacks take no more than a few minutes and it is better than a large cup of coffee to wake me up.

If I do have more than 2 minutes to work out, I do burpees or lunges as well. The point is, I vary my exercises depending on the amount of time I have free in the morning, but the 100 jumping jacks are non-negotiable.

TIP #2. 

Go to my Pinterest Www.Pinterest.com/ElizabethSite

Take a look at my boards. The Exercise, Yoga, Food, Recipes and DIY boards will be very helpful to you as you begin incorporating exercise into your daily routine.

When you have a minute at work, or you’re waiting at an appointment, or you’re sitting in the bathroom, take a minute to go to my Pinterest and take a screen shot of the exercises which you might like to try. 

There’s longer routines and there’s 2-5 minute routines with different focus areas of the body.

Pick some, take a picture and think about when you may have a few minutes to try them out.

TIP #3. 

Always stretch your shoulders.

I’ve included a graphic that shows you how to easily stretch your shoulders on a chair or any piece of furniture.

For my clients who work in office settings, I cannot stress enough how vital it is for you to stretch your shouldersthroughout your day. 

It is as simple as taking A FEW SECONDS, and using your desk as a support to stretch your shoulders.

Simply push your chair back, get up, place your hands on your desk and bend down until you feel the stretch on your neck and shoulders.

Doing this simple exercise at your desk will help you think clearer. It will also help you release any tension and stress from a recent call or conversation where you may have gotten upset.

We all deal with difficult situations at work. When we allow the stress to build in our shoulders, over time, your body will show physical signs of discomfort.

Taking a few seconds to stretch your shoulders EVERY TIME that you lice thru a difficult conversation or dealt with a difficult individual, you will notice that your mental clarity will return.

You will begin to notice that the difficult situations do not seem to other you as much, the more that you practice this stretch after every difficulty.

TIP #4.

Exercise in your office.

If you’re in a private office where no one can see you, you can easily remove your shoes and simply jump and down for a minute. That will get your heart rate up without wrinkling any of your clothing!

Or, you can also get on the floor and hold a plank. Time yourself. You can do this daily.

There are plenty of exercises that you can do at your desk or inside of your office every day. You just hadn’t thought about it before. 

Once you begin incorporating these exercises into your daily work day, you will see how easily exercising daily will become for you.

For those who do not have the privacy of their own office space, and if you work on the phone with a head set, you can stand up from your chair and do side beds or other types of side exercises to exercise the love handles and muffin top too.

Again, I refer you to my Pinterest for you to pick and choose different routines of side bends and for different types of planks.

TIP #5. 

Yoga Everyday & Everywhere.

Other types of exercises that you can do at your desk are yoga poses.

Buy a set of small weights and keep them at your desk. You can use them during your side bends, or during other yoga poses to increase the exercise’s effectiveness.

If you go to my yoga board, you will find endless poses, stretches and the steps to achieve each pose.

Yoga stretches are an amazing way to release built up stress throughout the body.

TIP #6.

When you shower and brush your teeth.

Try maintaining chair pose in the shower as you wash your hair or maintaining the pose as you brush your teeth.

You can also lean against the wall in chair pose as you brush your teeth.

If any of the above tips or this tip seem silly, let’s look at the math. One minute to brush teeth in the morning and wash hair and one minute at night will give you 2 minutes of chair pose per day, at least.

By the end of the week you will have done 14 minutes of chair pose exercise and 48 minutes of chair pose at then end of 4 weeks. 

The same is true for the above tips. Over time they all add up. No matter how insignificant one minute of exercise seems, remember that every minute adds up by the end of the month.

So, YOU DO have time to exercise during the day. You just didn’t know HOW to incorporate exercises into your daily schedule AND you didn’t know WHAT types of exercises to do.

Now you do.

TIP #7. 

Before bed.

I’ve also posted an image on yoga exercises before bed.

For some people, stretching before bed has positive effects. Same as the day shoulder exercises, the night stretches (mostly for hips and back) seem to have a positive effect on releasing tension allowing some people to sleep better at night.

The stretches are easy and can be done while you lay in bed.

Before bed is also the time when I like to squeeze in an EXTRA 100 jumping jacks. This could e the time that you squeeze in your first set of jumping jacks.

TIP #8. 

Join a dance class.

Having kiddos enrolled in dance classes is almost a right of passage for most moms. (I just did a blog post on dance shoes for kiddos). However, most parents do not think about enrolling in a dance class of their own.

This could easily turn into a lovely “during the week date night”, if you have grandparents who will drive kiddo(s) to and from dance class.

While they go to class, you could too. 

TIP #9.

While watching TV.

Buying your own elliptical (new or used) and placing it in your office at work or placing it in your living room is a wonderful way to workout while you watch the news, while dinner is being served, while you’re on a conference call, etc.

Having a piece of work out equipment readily available, again, even if you do 1-2 minutes on the machine at a time, the minutes will add up by the end of the month.

I purchased a $2,000 elliptical from the general manager of an equipment supply store in ABq. He sold it to me for $250. He delivered it and installed it in my home. Years later I purchased a newer model and sold that old machine for $750.

TIP #10. 

As you drive.

Exercise while driving? Jumping jacks? Squats? Lunges? No. But you can do tons of core workouts as you drive!

You can also stretch your shoulders wonderfully by placing them on the top of your car.

Go to Pinterest and research “sitting” core exercises.

There are many other ways to incorporate exercising into your daily routine, but these have been the top 10 that have worked best for my clients. Their feedback is what I am basing this on. Basically what I am saying is that if you incorporate these tips into your daily schedule, chances are very high that you too will benefit from this information.

Exercising is vital to your health. In time, you will notice that it is helpful to your physician appearance as well, but the main point is that exercising brings many benefits to your body and to your mind. (Try doing burpees when you’re angry to see how fast your anger dissolves!)

Exercising, which includes dancing, (and exercising) have a way to remove your mind from stress and brings inner peace.

If you found this post helpful and informative, share it with your friends, who may also need to incorporate exercise into their lives.

Do you have an idea or suggestion for a post? Email me 🙏

As always, 

With love,


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