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Aloe Vera, ALL Natural, DIY, At Home Hair Masks

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Beautiful, voluminous, healthy, shiny hair is what we all strive for.

This post is to give you some recipes and ideas of how you too can make your own, DIY, quick, at home hair masks. Even though I share my personal recipes during my weekly classes, these recipes are amazing as well.

First of all, you will need an aloe vera plant. 

You can purchase one at your local hardware store. You can purchase them online. You can grow them from a seed. You can ask a neighbor or a friend for a small baby plant that the larger aloe vera plants make as they mature. Point is, you have many choices and many ways to acquaint a new aloe Vera plant.or you can also purchase an aloe leaf at your local supermarket.

If you chose to buy a plant, simply remove, don’t clip, the lower leaves and use those. The plant will continue to grow more leaves with the space that you provide below.

Once you have your plant or leaf, you’re ready to begin making your own makeup at home, hair masks and face masks. 🎉


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