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The Sugar Bowl is Both Glamour and Struggle

SA new requested article This post is to give you words of encouragement, tips on how to overcome struggles to be more successful and some personal anecdotes of why these tips have worked for me, for others and will also work for you. Ready? Let’s jump right in. Sugaring is a lifestyle. Sugaring is a very specific lifestyle. Let’s be clear! If any type of sexual activity is being exchanged for some sort of payment, you’re not in the Sugar Bowl. This type of activity is legal in specific portions of the United States and there is nothing wrong with that legal profession. It is just not Sugaring. Calling it such confuses your clients who may be looking for a straight pay per meet. This confusion also leads to heavy frustration on behalf of experienced Sugar Daddies who are looking for an emotional connection and to spend quality time with someone versed in politics, versed on being a confidant, versed on political affairs. Being a Sugar Babe is much more than a pay per meet. A Sugar Babe has a vast knowledge base of not just current events, but is poised, elegant and Sugar Daddies are proud to take her out to social events knowing she will be an asset by his side. The Sugar relationship has intimate EMOTIONAL bonds as the basis for the relationship. The connections are not physical, intimate or sexual in nature. Without generalizing, yes, some couples do develop sexual feelings over time, BUT this is never the intent or is meant to be the foundation of such relationship. Being a Sugar Babe is a status. It is not something that just anyone can succeed at. The reason is simple, like any profession, it takes time to learn how to be a walking conundrum. Sugar Babes are sweet, poised yet have a powerful mind and an equally powerful educated voice. These definitions are important to understand because having older men looking for barely 18 year old children for “Sugar” relationships is not the truth. You see, a grown woman who has lived enough years, has been able to form her opinions by surviving life’s challenges. This mature woman is empowered to understand the importance of punctuality, honesty, accountability for her actions, responsibility for her words and is in a position to create an adequate environment of trust and companionship for her experienced Sugar Daddy. A barely 18 year old child has no idea who she is. This child is still forming her opinion on life. She is still trying to figure out who she is. The concept of accountability, punctuality, responsibility, and the ability to not throw tantrums are all foreign subjects to her. To the men seeking out these young children to exploit them, beware of the damage that you’re causing them with your appetite for sex in exchange for cash. To these young women, I suggest that you join Sugar groups. I suggest that you find a Sugar sister online. I suggest that you find a mentor to tech you how to properly entertain with your personality, your wit, your words, your presence and most importantly how to spot sexual predators looking to take advantage of your innocence. If you want to be a Sugar Babe, it will take time for you to learn how to be a successful companion. This new adventure requires commitment from you. The commitment is for you to understand that only with TIME invested in learning this trade will you mature and blossom into the beautiful companion that any man would invest in, just to spend time with you. The commitment starts with you deciding whether or not you’re worth what you’re asking for. Basically, you need ask yourself whether or not you deserve to be taken care of. Or do you deserve for others to use you, use your time and use your body for their gain and for their pleasure. Honestly ask yourself these questions in the mirror. Then, consider all of the objections that may come to mind. Write these objections down in your Sugar Journal because they will help you evolve in this lifestyle. Then, place all objections aside, look deep within yourself and ask yourself these important questions again: do you deserve to be compensated for your companionship? Do you deserve to be taken advantage of? If there is any hesitation on your part on any of the questions, write down what the hesitation is pointing to. Are you thinking, I’m not pretty enough? I am not sure I deserve to be taken care of because there was domestic violence in my home? I had an abusive father or absent father and is why I am looking into this lifestyle? For my Sugar Babes who’ve been in the bowl a few years, and feel that your Sugar life is drying up, fo back to having a talk with yourself. Same as my newbie Sugars, ask yourself why is my lifestyle drying up? I can guess that my older Sugars are thinking that you’re getting old. You may be thinking that men only want younger Sugars. You may have created a mountain of insecurities for yourself, which have turned into dangerous and self destructive belief systems. I am here to tell you that these belief systems are keeping you from having the life that you deserve and are accustomed to. To my mature Sugar Babes, I am about to be 42 🎉, I am here to remind you that your value as a woman never diminishes. Never. As we age, our value increases. Read that again. Our value increases because we are seasoned Sugars who know how to treat a Sugar Daddy. We are seasoned Babes who can take younger Sugars under our wings, creating powerful new friendships. We are mature enough to know how to make a man feel like the King of the world, how to empower him, how to help him, how to be his rock when he is alone, how to push ahead and see answers to his deepest questions. Our experience grows with our age. Our value only increases with age. I suggest that you look at what it is that is keeping you second guessing yourself. Whether you’re a newbie Sugar or an experienced Sugar. Notice that we all have a common thread? Young and Mature, we all have insecurities. These insecurities turn into blockages of wealth and success. When you acknowledge the blockages and understand where they are coming from the tension and negative energy begins to loosen up. These self destructive belief systems that you have about money, about yourself, about men, about dating, about life can all be addressed and worked thru. All you need to do is CHOOSE to get rid of the negative and destructive belief systems that you’ve created. The deeper the negative belief system is rooted the longer it may potentially take to address it. All you have to do is start now. Today. These blockages prohibit our blessings from reaching us. Look deep within you. Choose to get rid of them and start today is my best advice. Sugar Objection Proven TIPS: 1 If you’re a Sugar Babe who has a difficult time dealing with objections, I would suggest that you consider your position when asking your SD for help. I guarantee you that if you ask from a place of LOVE and not desperation, your delivery will be received differently by him. For example, if I ask you (my reader) for help out of a place of desperation, the energy is immediately felt by the other person and most people shy away from desperate energy. Now, if I ask you (my reader) to help me because you’re a wonderful, empathetic, generous soul, who has the power to help me AND I have set the foundation of who I am, AND I have proven to you how valuable I am to you in your life, AND if I have positioned myself as a vital component of your happiness (emotional bond has been created), then the help just flows in. Sugar Objections-Reasons TIPS: 2 If I position myself with anyone to be there at their beck and call, available all of the time, and fulfill their needs whereby ignoring all of mine, and receiving nothing in return, then I have conditioned them to take from me and I have missed setting up my value. As Sugar Babes we create takers or supporters in our relationships. Not the SD. It is WE, who create the dynamic. How? Every word spoken, every text written, every call is how you position your worth and your value. If you’re always available and the SD is not providing any help, learn from the interaction and move on! There are plenty of real and experienced SD. Don’t waste time on fakers, losers or posers who are looking to take advantage of newbie, innocent Sugars. Sugar TIPS: 3 The sooner that you understand that you will NOT have home runs with every POT, the easier your Sugar learning curve will be. Your personality will be more compatible with some men over others. Until someone reaches a Mastery level of experience, we are just learning with each POT. There are Sugar coaches who are charming chameleons who are able to adjust for every single POT. They are masters at their trade. You are also able to teach yourself thru self education. Reading articles like this will help You understand the lifestyle. Sugar TIPS: 4 Life is life. The more you live the more experienced you become. That’s it. Don’t sweat the small stuff. For you to think that you will get it right every time with every POT is putting too much responsibility and too much pressure on you. Sugar TIP: 5 Learn from every POT. Learn from every conversation. Learn from every failed attempt. Because you see there are no failed attempts as long as you learned how to deal with a different scenario. There are only amazing new learning lessons every time it doesn’t work out with a new POT. Sugar TIP: 6 SA has tons of new members every day. You don’t find what you’re looking for in the latest message? Move on. Keep learning. Be more loving to yourself and your efforts. Sugar TIP: 7 Always and I mean always keep looking for ways to better yourself. Simply learn from each interaction and MOVE ON to newer playing. Sugar TIP: 8 Another vital aspect of sugaring that deserves a strong conversation is empathy. Having empathy for ourselves, our shortcomings and our learning curves is essential. What is also essential is to not forget that while our needs are important, we must keep in mind that we’re dealing with other human beings, with their own strong beliefs about money, women, relationships and life. We need to have empathy for our SDs life’s struggles and what they’ve lived thru in life and in past relationships. Your needs are important. Just remember that his needs are also important. Be empathetic towards your SDs needs as well. Sugar TIP: 9 Yes, we all have emotional baggage, and that includes these SDs. You’ve been hurt before and so has he. You’ve been lied to before and so has he. You’ve been disappointed but so has he. You’ve had your heart broken, and chances are so has he. Concentrate on the past hurts and you’re sure to repeat the mistakes. Look for the positive experiences from your past and his. Concentrate on the things that you have in common for a much easier way to build your emotional bond. As Sugar Babes we look for ways to soothe those past hurts with our presence, with our kindness, with our love, with our empathy and with our EXPERIENCE. Sugar TIP: 10 What are the right words to use with your SD? The conversation will flow much easier if you look for ways to acknowledge their past, and remind him that we all come with baggage. I promise you that he will be understanding. These are my top 10 Sugar TIPS. It is this perspective that has helped me achieve successful arrangements in the past. WORDS OF CAUTION: Do not try to be SO empathetic that you loose sight of YOUR needs, YOUR wants and you begin GIVING away your time! No. No. No. YOU come first. ❤️ I have lived enough/dated enough to know that EVERYONE has emotional baggage, strong belief systems about dating, life, relationships, money and the opposite sex. Spending time with the opposite sex has to be one of the most challenging interpersonal skills that I know of. Also keep in mind that anyone, whether girlfriend or male friend, who jumps at disclosing too much too quick and wants to be pushy against your space, without acknowledging your boundaries for safety and comfort, these people will do this to you over and over the longer you know them. These types of people have no boundaries and will become upset if you try to have boundaries for yourself. You will be blamed for wanting to feel secure and the emotional abuse will surely follow. The guilt and shame arrows will be shot at you until you feel defeated and depressed. These people also have a victim mentality. So, watch out. What I mean is that people who jump into situations or push others to jump into dangerous/unsafe situations, tend to then blame everyone if things go wrong. And let me tell you, things will always go wrong when you jump into situations with strangers. Mentally stable people will take their time getting to know you. Mentally healthy people know that boundaries are important. Unhealthy people jump into situations just because someone gives them attention. The repercussions come SOON, always very soon after making the decision to get close to these people. I have never met a single person who has no boundaries and is happy. These people are victim mentality and blame the world for their mistakes. On the other hand. Every single successful and happy individual that I have ever met knows the importance of establishing solid boundaries and knows how to say no. You need to be strong and stand by your boundaries. If something in your gut is making you uncomfortable, LISTEN. Your guy is telling you to watch out. In conclusion, only with AGE I have matured enough to understand that other people’s opinions are NEVER more important or more valuable than my own beliefs, wants, my own wishes and desires! Many younger babes have some living to do before realizing many of life’s lessons... Hope that you feel the love with which I wrote these messages for you. It is my sincere wish that you found this information helpful and that you will share with a loved one who may have forgotten how valuable she really is. Best of luck on your Sugar dating! Always with love, Elizabeth.      

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