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Delicious, Easy, Multi-Purpose Breakfast Recipe 🎉

This morning was inspirational. While I am vegan, I respect my family’s wishes to eat animal products. In the past year I’ve influenced a little. Their cooking habits now include a lot more fresh and steamed veggies with a daily cocktail of fresh fruit in the morning. Their favorites are papaya, pineapple with honey, bananas, apples and pears. Cow’s secretions with puss, AKA “milk”, has been a constant in my parents’ morning meals. Today I was able to convince them to try an “oat milk” banana shake; vegan of course. They LOVED it! They said it tasted better than the cow stuff. 🙏 The recipe is simple and delicious. Vitamix the following ingredients: 10 dates 1 cup oats 3 cups of filtered water (as a drink or 2 cups of water if using for baking) 1 banana Allow it to site for 5 minutes. The texture will thicken. Add more water, if you would like a thinner texture. (Some people are used to whole milk and others to 2%.) You can also bake this mixture. Create different textures and tastes by adding sliced bananas, crushed pecans or dried cranberries to create muffins or a loaf of bread. Variation on the recipe. If you do not add the banana, you can just bottle the oat milk in a mason jar and use on your cereal as well. You will have home made, fresh, delicious and nutritious, cruelty free “milk.” 

Compare the price of a gallon of cow secreted juice to the ingredients in this recipe. You will save 💰 by eating healthier! 

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