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Friday Makeup Class TIPS- For Brown & Hooded Almond Eyes


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To me, Makeup is the ability to highlight your favorable features and diminish attention to your less favorable features.

If you’re wanting a complete transformation of what you look like, my blogs will not be helpful.

My blogs, my classes and my entire business are based upon the concept that you’re beautiful exactly how agod made you.

Make up is a fun way to express our individuality. 

There are a few exceptions to my teachings. For example, those born with severe facial deformities, the need to color correct for birth marks on the face and neck or those who have sustained permanent injuries are all exceptions.

I sustained severe damage to my lips and are now deformed due to the stitches that I had after a DV incident Jan 1013. My lipstick application will never be the same as before. I must correct the deformity.

The general daily classes are for beginners, wishing to learn how to decipher the world of makeup! 

Those hoping to figure out techniques for their individual features will also benefit from my weekly Friday makeup classes. 

Once per year I also host an hour long workshop.

Reminder to make sure you sign up for my subscriber list to receive invitations to privately hosted freebie classes.

Below you will find several ideas for how to apply eyeshadow on Hooded Eyes.

Hooded Eyes?

Those of us who have a limited amount of lid visible when our eyes are completely open are said to have Hooded Eyes.

The “hood” is the skin that folds over our eyes.

There are options to ease the look of Hooded Eyes. Several medical procedures help reduce the look and insome cases completely eliminates the hood from the eye lid. 

If you look on my Instagram, you will find several plastic surgeons that I follow online but I do not endorse in any way shape or form.

Hooded eyes need very special placement of the eyeshadow and demand careful application of liquid eyeliner.

I recommend that you book a personal appointment if you would like a tutorial on liquid eyeliner.

I normally cover the basics of liquid eye liner in class, but the cat eye is such a personal technique, that we need a full hour alone. The class is spent with me coaching you on how to practice. It will take the entire hour for you to feel comfortable with your technique.

Depending on your skin tone, eye color, hair color and clothing, the eye shadow that you wear everyday has the power to flatter your persona and it has the power to make you look not put together.

Scientific studies show that women with no makeup and women with excessive makeup are “judged” differently in society, compared to women with a modest amount of makeup.

Again, exceptions always apply. Evening looks vs day looks will always have different amounts of makeup.

I sometimes post these images on my Instagram  and I upload to my Pinterest as well. 

I have a lot of free teaching materials on both of those accounts. If you’re not ready to book classes with me or hire me for a private session, make sure to follow my pages in order to receive tons of freebie tutorials.

Will look forward to earning your trust and subsequently seeing you in my classes.

An evening lavender look. 

The classes cover products as well. The pink look below took me under 3 minutes to complete. The reason is that I used 2 different foil eye shadow products instead of applying layers of eyeshadow to create the depth.

It is a day look with minimal product, no eye liner, no flavor eye lashes and it lasted me all day. I took these photos after wearing the makeup for over 12 hours. 

I think you can see my tired eyes. It was a long day.

I have a blog post with the picture below as the main image. When you have time, make sure to go and heck it out. 

Determining your “color palette” is your FIRST step in studying makeup application and fashion for that matter.

You must figure out your colors so that you can then look for ways to only incorporate new items into your closet with those shades. THEN you can learn about complimentary colors for your eyeshadows.

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Always with kindness and love,


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