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What Forces Make Up Our Reality? Watch this Video and Find Out

Is there is something inside each of us that wants to know what’s going on with the “magical forces” around us? Why does a seed that is combined with light, placed in dirt or water, sprouts a living plant with food? Why does a single cell inside of a woman looks to be fertilized and then creates an entire human being with a soul? The video taught me that PLASMA, not matter, is what is responsible for life and the surrounding forces. Matter cannot be destroyed or created, only changed from state to state. Plasma on the other hand is much more “adaptable”. 🙏 YouTube Video

If you’re a curious soul like me or if you know of someone who finds our life’s forces interesting, this post is for you!

The video appears to begin slowly and picks up by about minute 15, but the beginning helps to establish how the experiments took place. 

Furthermore, for any scientific research to be accepted by the scientific community, the research must be repeatable. Everyone must be able to repeat the results in order for the scientific experiment to go from experiment to actual scientific fact.

To any mom who is reading this, I strongly recommend that you not only watch this video but the following 2 videos as well. The second video deals with how electromagnetic forces shape the tiniest micro parts of our life as well as the largest forces in our creation, galaxies.

The third video is about light.

Any mom with kiddos at home would benefit from watching these amazing videos with the family. 

Something about knowing what surrounds us is liberating. 

By the way, for my hardcore scientists, be warned. These videos debunk the theories of black holes, dark matter and dark energy. These THEORIES (were never proven) are now officially obsolete.

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