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7 Exfoliation Tips to Consider

I’ve posted several blogs on exfoliation both on this site and my old site. I will add more information on the subject, but I will not repeat the tips that I’ve already posted. The reason is to save time for those who have read my prior posts and also to keep this blog post from becoming an entire book on exfoliation. 😉 

Hope the images above are helpful in answering some basic questions.

The reason that exfoliation is one of the 7-Pillars of Beauty in my Profram is because having glowing, flawless skin requires proper exfoliation. There’s no way around it. It is a vital component of any skincare routine.

I will recap only 2 basics, quickly. What is exfoliation and why should you care about it?

So, what is it? It is basically the removal of the oldest, dead skin cells on the skin’s outermost surface. (Outermost)

I am not a cosmetologist, an aesthetician, a doctor or a nurse. I do not hold any type of degree or license in a skincare field. These are my personal opinions. 

My classes on exfoliation are held every Monday. Each class is $45. Monthly workshops are $75. Passes for $99 will allow you to attend as many classes as you wish per month. This pass is available after you complete my program. The program is $270.

Why should you care about exfoliating? You will not be able to achieve beautiful, glowing, flawless skin that you want, without a proper exfoliation routine embedded into your skincare routine. It is that simple.

Every class discusses the different ways to exfoliate naturally at home, saving you TONS of 💰! Otherwise, I suggest that you take the expensive route. If you book monthly facials and have a reputable licensed medical professional, dermatologist or plastic surgeon that you trust, you can also book quarterly appointments to keep your skin in optimal condition.

I can also suggest for you to look up different formulas on the internet, free. If you’re not sure about joining my classes just yet, go to my Pinterest and my Instagram where I have a lot of free recipes and tons of free tips for you to begin experimenting at home with food.

Before choosing to apply an exfoliation method, please consider the following:

#1. Consider your skin’s condition. Someone who has hormonal acne vs someone who has regular acne will have different exfoliation needs. Someone who has very dry and flaky skin will have different needs from someone who has overly oily skin or Combination skin.

#2. Someone who lives in Alaska will have VERY different needs from someone who lives in Houston, TX.

#3. Your ethnic background must also be considered when choosing an appropriate exfoliation routine. A Native American woman living in the Alaskan cold will have different needs from an African American living in Phoenix, AZ.

#4. Are you currently taking medications? Some medications make your skin more sensitive. Someone who has a great skincare routine and then begins to take new prescriptions may possibly need to adjust their entire routine, around that new medication. (Consult your physician, dermatologist, aesthetician or someone licensed to give medical advice.)

#5. Acne skin. If you currently have acne, the last thing that you want to do is spread infection all over your face, aggravate an already delicate situation or make matters worse.  (Consult your physician, dermatologist, aesthetician or someone licensed to give proper advice.)

#6. Pregnant. If you’re pregnant, your body is going to have very special needs during your pregnancy. You may develop acne, rosacea, oily skin, dry skin, basically, you have no idea what the hormones will do to your skin. 

#7. Open sores, surgery, sunburn etc. You must be very careful with each of these situations when trying to exfoliate.

As you can see these are just a few of the dozens of points that I touch on during the weekly classes. I have taught on dozens of different topics that I touch on as the weeks go by. 

The purpose of signing up for my 7-Pillars of Beauty Program is to schedule time with you, one on one, to craft your own skincare routine. After that, it is only $99 for a monthly membership to attend ALL classes, 6 days per week.

If you found this information helpful, please share on your social media. Looking forward to meeting all of my new readers.

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