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Read This To Learn How to Save 💵

Click on this Pepsi link to read a post about the carcinogenic ingredient in Pepsi. Click on this  link for a comparison of both. 

First and foremost, I will state that when I read an article such as this, ousting one of the largest software producers in the world, I look towards the competitive advantage that it will create for its closest business rival.

That said, I am happy to post this article along with some images of healthy beverage related material.

Today’s Tuesday class is about this subject. The Tuesday pillar of the 7-Pillars of Beauty Program is about the food and beverages that we consume everyday.

Tuesday classes focus on medical studies and food recipes to help you transition to healthier choices. Most people consume the “food” they consume because it is a learned habit that has cultural roots and childhood habits. These habits are not permanent.

Everyday you have the choice to educate yourself on healthier alternatives. This is what my Tuesday class does for you. Every week we go over different food subjects and I share amazing recipes 🥰

Each Tuesday class is $45. Monthly workshops are $75. Passes for $99 will allow you to attend as many classes as you wish per month. This pass is available after you complete my program. The program is $270. 

Every class discusses different subjects, but all related to food. My classes could save you TONS of 💰! How?

Here’s an example of how valuable my classes are to you. Grab a pen and paper. Write down how many coffee “cups” you purchase per day. Multiply that number by the amount of 💵 you pay, per coffee. Take that number and multiply it by the days of the week that you buy coffee. If you buy coffee Monday thru Friday, multiply by 5. If you buy coffee 7 days per week, multiply by 7. Then multiply this number by 4. Then multiply that number by 12.

Someone who buys 1 “cup” of coffee per day, at LESS than $3 per purchase, five days per week, spends $720 per year on ☕️.

Someone who on average buys 2 “cups” of coffee, at less than $3 per purchase, 7 days per week, spends $2,016 per year on ☕️.

That’s quite. A bit more money per year!

If you drink coffee for the taste or if you drink coffee for energy, these are two very different reasons. Regardless of your reasons, in my classes you will learn how your food is what determines your energy levels (plus sleep). You will also different delicious and nutritious recipes to drink all day long. Drinks that are both nutritious and delicious.

There’s an additional route, a much more expensive route, that you could also take.

You could hire a licensed Nutritionist that specializes in Whole Foods diets. Actually, I suggest everyone do this, as soon as they have the funds available.

As soon as you begin to change your eating habits, you notice a detox period (Wednesday’s Class is Detox vs Cleanse). Next, you will notice that your energy levels will begin to soar. A side effect to all of this amazing energy and release of toxins is that your skin will begin to recover its optimal condition.

If you’re not ready to sign up for my classes, I suggest for you to look up different formulas on the internet, free. If you go to my Pinterest and my Instagram you will find a treasure trove Of free recipes and an overload of free tips for you to begin experimenting at home with food. 

After all, the changes suggested are not about you giving up your favorite foods! No. My classes are meant to get to know you. In the process we discover what foods you love, but you just didn’t know about the recipes.  


Iam not a cosmetologist, an aesthetician, a doctor or a nurse, a nutritionist and I do not hold any type of degree or license in a skincare field. These are my personal opinions. 

Consult your physician, dermatologist, aesthetician or someone licensed if you require medical advice. 

If you found this information helpful, please share on your social media. Looking forward to meeting all of my new readers.

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