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Are all "brown people" terrified of a MAGA hat wearer? Or a MAGA hat?

For over two years now I have watched this drama unfold.

I am no longer willing to stand by and continue watching acts of hatred be committed, IN MY NAME, "defending my brown color." Really? I'm supposed to believe that these episodes of rage and hatred against my fellow human beings are supposed to be an indication of their love for me or their love for all brown people?

Excuse me while I emphatically call this out as NOT TRUE.

So, the question is, "Are all brown people terrified of a MAGA hat wearer? Or of a MAGA hat in general?" And the answer is, well, no. And NO!

I am a brown woman, and no, I do not see a simple hat as a symbol of hatred against me. Also, no, images of people attempting against my life, do not flash before my eyes, when i see MAGA hat.

It is really silly to have to write this post.

Anyone with any common sense will realize that these are selfish acts of hatred committed BY these people, and nothing more. There is NO justification for these hateful behaviors.

Their behavior has NOTHING to do with DEFENDING the rights of others (especially NOT defending MY rights) and has EVERYTHING to do with their desire to make a scene, and act out their selfish, egotistical, and unjustified rage.

Mind you, this rage is against a HAT, a piece of clothing. The rage is expanded to include an entire race (white people) or in some cases, against an entire profession, like police officers.

These behaviors should alarm everyone. However, somehow the snowflake left gets away with it all.

I am compelled to say SOMETHING.

Again, I ask myself, "Are all brown people terrified of a MAGA hat wearer? Or of a MAGA hat?"

No. and NO!

I will emphasize the fact that, no. If you're an individual behaving in this manner, I want you to understand that no, YOU ARE NOT defending me. No. YOU ARE NOT doing me a favor. No. I did not ask YOU to go around abusing people, in my name. No. I do not know of ANY brown person asking ANY white person to attack MAGA hat wearers. No. No one in my family asked for YOU to attack others, in our name either. No. I do not believe that YOU people have ANY good will towards ME or any good will towards any other brown person. (The View episode comes to mind where Whoopi attacks Judge Jeanine, in the name of defending all Mexicans. WHAT the !!)

As a matter of fact, I am more worried about YOU attacking ME and my family than I am about any MAGA hat wearer being out in public buying coffee, minding their own business.

Furthermore, No. I don't believe that you have any good will towards anyone else EITHER as a matter of fact, brown or not. Your behavior and your actions are shameful, they're gross, they're mindless, they're careless, they're hateful and do not have anything to do with defending others.

In my opinion, these people are acting out on their on shameful, hateful impulses and looking to blame others for their criminal behavior.

Here is video1 and video2, for your consideration.

The second video will only be discussed briefly at the end of this post. Both videos are self explanatory.

Next, I will state the obvious, which apparently is NOT so obvious to leftists.

A MAGA hat wearer is NOT:

- Most likely a murderer.

- Most likely a racist.

- Most likely a KKK member.

- Most likely hateful.

- Most likely a Misogynist.

- Most likely an individual who is actively looking for brown or black people to discriminate against or to hate OR to attempt against their lives.

- A MAGA hat wearer is also most likely NOT an individual who spends ALL of their living, waking moments looking for ways to terrorize black or brown people.

- A MAGA hat wearer is also most likely NOT any other idiotic rhetoric being pushed by the left wing establishment.

- Most importantly, a MAGA hat wearer is NOT EXCLUSIVELY A WHITE PERSON.

My Lord, it was painful to write that section above.

Now, let's go step by step, explaining what a MAGA hat means to me, a brown woman.

A MAGA hat wearer is:

- A MAGA hat wearer, most likely believes in Christian values.

- Is most likely is a Republican.

- Is most likely is a Conservative.

- Most likely supports our sitting President.

- Most likely is against racism.

- Most likely is against hatred.

- Most likely is against antisemitism.

- Most likely is pro 2nd Amendment.

- Most likely is pro life.

- Most likely is pro borders.

- Most likely is pro Constitutionalism.

- Most likely is against Socialism.

- Most likely is someone who just wears a hat because it is just a hat. Let me repeat that, MAGA hat wears are just wearing a hat. The impulses displayed by others have nothing to do with a person's wardrobe and everything to do with the individual's heart.

After writing this section above, i may go out today and buy myself a MAGA hat. I will do so because I stand for all of the values that I just typed up. I will also do so to make a point that brown people also wear MAGA hats. By the way, a hat. is just. a hat.

This final section of my post includes my perceived presumptions made by these radical leftists.

1. Leftists demand that all white people hate all MAGA hat wearers.

2. Leftists demand that all white people attack all MAGA hat wearers.

3. Leftists demand that all white people should attack, verbally assault, stalk, intimidate and harass all MAGA hat wearers, all conservatives, all republicans and anyone who is not sympathetic to their political agenda.

4. Leftists demand that all white people do the above, or else, they too, themselves will ALSO be cannibalized by the left, and will also be attacked by other white leftists for not following suit.

5. The leftists demand that all white people attack anyone who does NOT support their political agenda and does not support their political views.

I will remind my readers that this behavior took root when Maxine Waters began her rants in public, and was covered extensively by the leftists media, where she demanded her constituents create mob violence whenever they encountered anyone who did not share their leftist political views.

I am very disappointed that this woman was never charged with acts of hatred against Americans, thru her requests for mob violence. I am very disappointed that Maxine Waters is still in Congress. I am very disappointed that Maxine Waters has never been charged with a crime. I am equally disappointed that Whoopi Goldberg was never charged with a crime after she verbally assaulted Judge Jeanine.

Back to Maxine Waters. It was she who initiated this movement of hatred inciting mob violence, pinning Americans against fellow Americans.

She also initiated this movement of normalizing hate speech. She is responsible, in large part, for the divisiveness of our country. Maxine Waters is a shame to our political establishment. And boy, that sure is saying a lot, considering the scum that are in office at the moment. (Special nod to, New Mexico.)

Back to my analysis of video #1

6. When this crazed leftist posted her comments on her Facebook page, there were sane people who immediately began calling out her criminal behavior. So what did this crazed woman do? She did the leftist approved behavior or doubling down on her criminal activities, of course.

7. When faced with criticism for her acts of hatred, this woman begins attacking the other white people in the establishment as well the white people responding to her Facebook post. She goes on to claim that THEY are ALSO supporting the discrimination, oppression and attempts on the lives of all brown and black people by refusing to support her.

Literally, this is what this woman claims in her written posts. She claims that all of the white people who did not attack the MAGA hat wearer are just as evil as the MAGA hat wearer himself.

I hope people can understand the level of disconnect with reality that this perspective is being displayed on a national level. A disconnect from reality so large, that i would go as far as to call these MAGA hat attackers, delusional, paranoid and very dangerous.

We should bear in mind that these individuals are following the orders from their Democratic/Socialist leadership. However, just because they're following orders, this should NOT exempt them from the law.

I am strongly advocating for MORE criminal charges to be filed against these individuals who are displaying these acts of hatred against innocent Americans.

8. Point 8. As the pouring in of negative comments piled up against her idiotic ranting on her FB post, she became even more defensive, demanding that EVERYONE who does not agree with her political views and her outrageous behavior IMMEDIATELY cease from commenting on her FB post.

Let's explore this behavior as well. This woman feels entitled to attack, stalk, verbally abuse and commit criminal acts of hatred against innocent Americans who do not abide by her leftist ideology. PLUS she feels equally empowered to defend her criminal behavior, IN THE NAME of freedom of speech.

Okay. So, if she feels so strongly towards American's freedom of speech, why is she then, attempting to prohibit other fellow Americans from THEIR freedom of speech rights?

In her mind, she is entitled to break the law, as well as feeling entitled to remove the freedom of speech of other Americans. In her fantasy world, she is allowed to legally attack innocent Americans AND is also entitled to shut up those Americans who do not agree with her criminal behavior.

My final thoughts will be to string together these two videos with this idea that one individual feels entitled to break the law and commit acts of hatred against innocent, fellow Americans AND also feels entitled to no repercussions AND ALSO feels entitled to criminally attack all of those who do not agree with their political ideology.

I've already written several posts about hatred.

Sadly enough, this may be a topic which I may continue posting about in the future.

To close this post, I will reiterate that most likely MAGA hat wearers are people who just wear a hat because it is just a hat. Let me repeat that, MAGA hat wears are just wearing a hat. The impulses in others have nothing to do with a person's wardrobe and everything to do with the individual's hateful heart.

I am a brown woman and no, i am not afraid of MAGA hats. I do not cower at the sight of a piece of clothing. If anyone cowers and fears for their life by the simple sight of a piece of clothing, I strongly suggest that individual seek professional psychological help.

Equally, I strongly suggest that individuals who feel the sudden urge to attack, verbally and criminally abuse innocent Americans, simply because they are wearing a piece of clothing that triggers them, to please turn themselves into the nearest medical facility, for psychiatric help.

It is my opinion that the only hatred being displayed during these attacks is done so by the leftist, crazed, ideologists.

I would go as far as to say that the only racists involved in these attacks are the crazed leftists.

Out of all involved, only the leftist snowflakes are the ones who are constantly attacking others based on their color, their gender, their sexual orientation, their religious beliefs, their political views and most recently for not being mind readers and wrongfully using the wrong pronouns.

Yes, I believe in the Bible and live my life according to Christian values. Yes, I understand the argument that the MAGA hat is a symbol, to us all. The symbols and the hat definition are defined above.

HOWEVER, I do not worship a hat just like I do not worship a cross either. The Bible is clear about not worshiping idols. A cross is an idol, in my opinion. So, no. I do not workshop a cross, or any other type of symbol.

Thank you to the military and the police officers nationwide who risk their lives, in order to protect our freedom and our communities.

Be part of the solution. Please share this post, if you agree.


If you are a black or brown person who personally asked the entire white race to defend you, well, because you're such a victim, you're defenseless, and basically you cannot defend yourself or your family, so, you obviously felt the need to request the help of the white race to defend your brown and black rights, from being defamed or from being murdered, please contact me and let me know when you asked for this help.

This event must be made known to the brown and black people of the planet, that someone requested the white race defend us against a MAGA hat and against MAGA hat wearers.

Please support my petition.

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