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How to Do a Quick and Inexpensive At Home DIY French Mani- Tutorial (or How to do a Fast Fix on a Fr

Both of the videos below will premier on YouTube on June 3, 2019.

DIY French Mani video, click here.

Quick & Easy French Mani at Home Step by Step Tutorial, click here.

Go to my YouTube channel. After you subscribe and click on the bell, YT will then send you a notification when the videos go live. After these two videos premier, I will begin putting content on my channel daily. It has been a work in progress, for quite a few years. I am excited to finally launch the channel!


Scroll down on the home page until you find the picture of the french mani. If you enter your email address, you can listen to the audio of both videos, before the premier.


This post is for those who love having their nails looking amazing but understand that it is a considerable expense to have both a mani and a pedi always spot on. Keep reading to find out just how inexpensively you too can have your mani, all of the time! (I've recorded two video tutorials on this post-see above.)


Let's get down to why I began doing my own french mani at home; the expense. "How much you're going to pay for a gel mani really depends on where you live, but also what kind of look you want. Basic one-color gel manis start around $35. Gels cost anywhere from $35 to $120." Here's the link to the nail article where this quote comes from.

While I do not agree with some of the information in the article, it does have a lot of great information. So, if you live in a big city, expect to be paying top $ for your immaculate french mani/pedi.

If you have the time and money to make an appointment, go to a nail salon, and pay the list price plus tip, then I'm so happy for you. This post if for us girls who are on a budget *wink.


You could go to your local large national retailer or go on line and purchase a UV lamp from a large internet company. Because this post is about looking fabulous on a budget, this tip is meant to encourage my readers to search for a local beauty distributor that supplies your local salons (not just going and paying retail at a national chain).

Because paying retail, for anything, isn't as fun for me like looking for amazing deals, I ended up purchasing a used UV lamp off an online post (Craigslist, Facebook, and tons of other apps have local listings). My lamp ended up being an amazing deal. I've been using it for about 6 months.

If you have the budget for a new lamp, then your local distributor is a wonderful place to buy one. You could also price compare with online giants, but chances are your local beauty distributor will have a better price.

All money savvy women must have a go to beauty distributor that they trust. After a lot of searching and price comparing, I finally found a beauty distributor, local to me, that has amazing prices. Purchasing your lamp is the beginning of a long term love affair with your local beauty distributor. From this distributor, you will be able to buy shampoo, conditioners, hair masks, nail polish, and so much more!


Once you have purchased your UV lamp, this is a list of the additional items that you will need: cotton swabs (wet with polish remover- never dry), tape, polish remover, glass container for polish remover, small brush (paid $1 at dollar store), gel base polish, gel top coat, gel color, or gel white for tips and coconut oil.

I do not like to have polish on my nail bed or on most of my nail. The reason that I like the french mani is because nail polish only goes on the edges of my nails. In the video tutorials, I leave most of the nail bare. Do not expect to see a tutorial with a fully covered nail.

You will also notice that I prefer a heavy and thick-white look that goes deep into my natural nail. French manis have many looks. My reason for preferring this look to others is that this look lasts longer. As my nail grows, I simply file it down.

If I did a very "exact" french, with only the tips colored at the very end, and not into the nail as i do, then as the nail grows, my french mani needs to be redone a lot sooner. You're doing this at home. So try it differently to see which look you like best. There's no wrong. Keep playing with it, until you too find a french style of tips that you like.

That said, here is the step by step process: (Protect your surfaces by placing a rag or a towel that you designate for your nails underneath your work area.)

STEP 1. Set up all of your items on a spacious table, close to a plug.

STEP 2. Plug your UV lamp.

STEP 3. Heat up water in a container and place all of your nail polish bottles in warm water for a few minutes.

STEP 4. Cut all of the pieces of tape that you will be using.

STEP 5. Place nail polish remover in your glass container and place your brush in the solution.

STEP 6. Wash and dry your hands.

STEP 7. Place 2 bits of tape around your edges. (I use the thicker quality tape, because of the coconut oil.)

STEP 8. Begin by placing the base coat, only on the tips of your nails. (I do all 10 nails at the same time.)

STEP 9. Place under UV lamp.

STEP 10. Do a light first coat of white tips. (Watch my video to see how I place the color on the nail.) You can either do a flat line and then remove the excess with your brush. By doing this, you can shape the color with the brush. I have been doing this for a while now, so I create the shape during the application of the color and only use the brush to wipe down excess color. Make sure to place enough paint on the edges of the nail and on the top.

STEP 11. Use the wet cotton swabs to remove any excess pain that is runny and leaking on to your fingers.

STEP 12. Place under UV lamp.

STEP 13. Do a second coat of white tips.

STEP 14. Place under UV lamp.

STEP 15. Depending on your preference, you could do a third thin coat, or you could place the top coat next.

STEP 16. Place under UV lamp.

STEP 17. Remove the tapes.

STEP 18. Wash hands and rub a healthy heaping of coconut oil on your hands. The oil absorbs quickly and does not leave a greasy feeling.


We all want to look our best. Psychological studies have proven over and over that women who wear too little make up, a balanced amount of make up or too much make up, are all perceived differently.

It is human nature to be judgmental. In the competitive world that we live in, putting our best foot forward is always beneficial. While repeatedly spending $50- $150 for a monthly mani and pedi is not a financial possibility to some of us, I hope that this post gives you enough information to make this fun "extravagance" a reality in your life.

If you prefer a full set of nails, simply buy a solid color of gel polish and paint your entire nail. Due to the chemicals present in nail polishes, I prefer to not do this, but if you like the look, simply repeat the steps above and do your entire nail.

Some of us learn by reading. Others are visual learners. This post is being published in a way that you can have the written instructions available. It was this post that inspired me to finally make the choice to put my YouTube channel to work. If you still have questions, feel free to contact me.

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