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My Judicial Bullying story: December 2013


My child was born thru emergency c-section in 2013. Just a few weeks later his father called 911 (as he had many times before) and asked to the police, in a hysterical tone, to immediately come to the house.

He reported to the police (i could hear his screaming in the garage, inside the house), that i was attempting to murder him, murder my child and commit suicide. Can anyone reading this imagine the type of police response that ensued?!

As i cried inside my room (by the laundry facility) i attempted to turn up the Reiki music on Pandora to make sure my new born would not wake up again. As I waited for the police to arrive, i called my mother and told her to please rush to New Mexico, from Texas. It was 10pm. I could hear her holding back her tears over the phone asking for me to not hang up and to please give the phone to the officers when they arrived. She said i had to be strong for my child and that God always protects his children. She reminded me of my faith and jokingly reminded how much i had spent on a Master's Degree in NYC studying the Old Testament. She reminded me that a person willing to devote 3.5 years to studying the old testament and a large sum of money on tuition, knew a thing or two about God's grace and God's protection. The call made me feel better.

Within literally a few minutes the sirens could be heard all over Placitas, NM. My heart pounded and the tears in my face blurred my vision as i attempted to focus on my new born. I prayed for God to please protect us both.


My child's father could be heard screaming quite loudly "Over here. Over here!" The sirens converged on the front lawn. Then, i heard, "No. I am the victim! She's inside. Hurry. Hurry!" Rushed foot steps could be heard all over the house. Then, the handle to my door began to wiggle. An officer knocked loudly and woke up my new born. I answered that the lock was broken. I picked up my new born and breast fed him to calm him down. As i walked to the door, the officer's voice was agitated and demanded to know where my child was. I answered crying that he was on my breast. Breastfeeding. The officer asked me to calm down. He asked me to place my child on the bed. He then asked me to please stop messing with the door and to open it immediately before he knocked it down.

Calmly, i tried to explain that i heard the call to the police. I explained that it was the father who had beaten me. I tried to explain that the father had an extensive history in Texas of beating me up and calling the police claiming that i had hit him. I asked the police man to please investigate the father PRIOR to arresting me. I begged him, in the name of my Lord to please, just check the father's background of battery, assault, violations of order of protection and stalking in El Paso Texas.

The officer would not really listen to me. He continued to ask me to open the door. As i walked away from the door, I let him know that he could break it down. I told him that the door had been broken during the fight the father and i had. Just as the officer was getting ready to tear down the door, the door latch, somehow opened during his last attempt. My eyes were closed as i prayed when i heard the door open. The officer had his weapon out.

When he looked at me, (the look on his face broke my heart, as to what i must've looked like) the officer put his gun away and approached me. He looked at me and asked, "what happened to you?" I lifted my right arm and told him they were bloody from the father dragging me on the ground. He asked about my face. I told him we had fought over the father hitting my new born. (The father was never charged or even investigated for child abuse.)

The officer asked me to stay in the room and not leave the room. Other officers came in and the look on their face told me that i was not exactly a pleasant sight to look at. The officer that had spoken to me, took out a note pad and asked for my name, DOB, my social security number, the father's name, DOB, and his social security number. The officers all looked at me.

The officers then spoke by the door. Another officer then looked at the door latch handle almost falling off the door. They looked on the carpet. They looked inside the bathroom (where the fighting had occurred) and then headed outside.

I then heard the father of my child screaming to stop harassing him. The officers could be heard asking him to calm down. Profanities by the father of my child towards the officers led to screaming, which led to him being arrested and charged with battery and assault.

During this time CYFD Sandoval County had been called to remove my child from my care and take into emergency state custody. When the investigator arrived, i heard the officers explain the events. Many of the police cars left during the arrest of the father of my child.

Then, an officer arrived with a camera and the CYFD investigator came into the house. I was questioned again and my injuries were photographed. I was asked to repeat everything i had told the officer earlier. As i retold everything step by step (this is recorded in the police report dated December 21, 2013-Sandoval County, NM with me as the victim) i could see the officer looking at his notepad.

The CYFD investigator verified with the officer that i had retold the exact same details in the exact same order. The CYFD investigator and the police asked me to please be taken to the hospital to be treated for my injuries. I refused all care. I explained my mother was on her way and would arrive by 2am to take me back home to El Paso, TX.

That night I was not given permission to leave NM and head back to El Paso. I was ordered to stay in the house until a new CYFD investigator came by in the morning to conduct a more in depth investigation. I was given temporary custody of my new born, but only for the evening. By now, it was midnight.

My mother arrived as i was breast feeding. It was almost 3am. She and my brother came in thru the unlocked doors. I was not very mobile at the time. My emergency c-section had left me with 15 staples across my belly and i had sustained quite a few hits a few hours earlier. I began to limp with my right leg. (A limp that would not entirely disappear for the next 6 months.)

By 6 am, i was breast feeding again (my new born kept the NICU schedule after we were released). The new CYFD investigator arrived and went over the case details with me. I explained that i was trapped in NM due to medical reasons. I delivered via emergency c-section but TX medicaid paid for the delivery. I was stuck with a substantial bill after Medicaid paid. The total bill was over $175,000 for 11 nights and days in NICU, for both my child and i. (The current judge on this custody case has refused to enforce a single penny from the father, of the still +$10,000 medical delivery bills still outstanding on my credit.)

My child was released from the hospital with oxygen and was the reason that i was denied the right to go back home to El Paso, TX immediately after discharge. The Albuquerque hospital released us to the father's care, despite the hospital being aware of the danger we were in. We had no where else to go and the father promised hospital staff to allow me to be in peace by the laundry room until we could head home. He promised the NICU manager (who had removed his shared visiting privileges due to his abuse of me and my child during visitations) no more domestic violence against me.

The CYFD investigator stayed all morning and returned again in the afternoon. About mid morning, Melissa Cole, a friend at the time, arrived. The investigator asked her relationship to me. She explained that she was the owner of the home and was allowing the father of my child to use it temporarily, under contract. My mother and brother were also interviewed. I was interviewed last.

After a lengthy interview process of all inside the house, and after carefully looking at all of my child's clothing and the food that i ate, the CYFD investigator left. He returned in the early afternoon. He let me know that he had verified all of the information that we all had provided him. He then let me know that CYFD New Mexico was granting me permission to leave the state, to go back home, with one condition. My child needed to be removed off oxygen by the pediatrician on file. Additionally, I was to register my child with a pediatrician of my choice in El Paso, TX and i was to provide that information to the CYFD NM investigator. I was to also provide my El Paso address to the investigator when i arrived.

The next day i made an appointment for my child with the pediatrician (which i disliked. She was chosen by the father and was against children being breastfed). My mother, brother and i went to the pediatrician appointment and we were cleared to have my new born off oxygen. We were cleared for the trip back home to El Paso.

As we left, the pediatrician warned me about the father having communicated with the office staff earlier. He was very concerned for my mental well being and concerned that i was going to murder my child and commit suicide. I reminded the physician that the father had been arrested, charged and recently released from jail for battery. I also reminded the physician that the father had been continuously abusing me thru the hospital system by claiming to all social workers and nursing staff that i was mentally ill and was attempting to remove custody from me, WHILE I LAY IN THE HOSPITAL TRYING TO RECOVER.

I reminded the pediatrician that despite the extensive blood work my child and i were subjected to, the many social workers interviewing me, the extensive / intrusive medical check ups, all turned out that i was healthy. To the contrary, they were amazed at how well i was healing, because of the size of the c-section that i had endured.

I voiced my concerns regarding the hospital staff's professionalism. They had refused to report the father to the police or to CYFD, even after realizing the abuse that the father was subjecting us to. The hospital's employee's lack of empathy and lack of caring for our well being was a shock to my family. They never did anything to help us and instead, continued to poke and probe me and my child to see if they could somehow justify the father's concerns. I reminded her that the way i had been treated at the hospital and now being questioned by her was not appropriate.

My mother, brother and i walked out with my child. We headed to Placitas, NM to pack. (Mind you, the father was renting a sprawling Placitas NM home and drove a brand new BMW 5 series, but i had to pay for my delivery via Medicaid because he refused to put me on his medical insurance and refused to put my child on his medical insurance).

(The father continues to refuse to pay a single penny of any medical bills on my credit and he refused to pay anything in child support during the time i had sole custody. However, the judge on my case dismissed all of his outstanding child support, when the State of New Mexico pursued the father to help me with the outstanding delivery medical bills.)

On our way there, Melissa called me to tell me that the father had obtained a restraining order from the Bernalillo family court prohibiting me from leaving the state of NM. I told her that CYFD had given me permission to leave. She urgently said for me to leave the state now, before the father arrived with the Sheriff's to serve me the court order, prohibiting me from leaving.

As we drove to Placitas, I asked her what kind of a judge would order a restraining order against a woman who had just survived the entire ordeal of the last 48 hours? Melissa reiterated to please just leave the state as soon as possible. Melissa finally admitted that a few "strings" were pulled.

In my condition i could not drive. My brother took my mother's car and my mother drove my car as i stayed in the back seat with my new born (he was in his car seat).

As we drove down the mountain and on to the highway, i received another call from Melissa. She asked me where i was. I told her i was on the highway. She sighed. She said that the Sheriff's had just arrived at her home and that they had called her for permission to enter the house. We missed them by less than 5 minutes.

On the way to El Paso, I called the CYFD investigator and let him know that the pediatrician had provided her release and consent for my child and i to make the trip back to El Paso. I provided the CYFD worker with the pediatrician's name, address and phone number. He wished us a safe trip and reminded me to call him as soon as we arrived safely to El Paso.

We drove to Texas as i monitored my child's oxygen levels every step of the way. We stopped twice to breast feed him and made it to El Paso safely.

As soon as we arrived, i called the CYFD investigator to let him know that my child and i were safe in El Paso and gave him the address of where we were located. The CYFD investigator advised that my information would be passed to the local CPS in Texas and that if I needed help of any kind to reach out to them. He asked me to be cooperative with local CPS as i had been with them, thus far. He also reminded me that he expected me to provide him with a pediatrician within 5 business days.

Within 48 hours i had found the most reputable pediatrician in El Paso and we had an appointment scheduled with him. My child was checked and the offices contacted the CYFD investigator in Sandoval, NM.

After the pediatrician appointment, i called the investigator again and let him know that my child had been seen and a wellness check up had been done. The investigator let me know that the facility had already contacted him. The investigator thanked me for keeping my word on every single account and assured me to not return to New Mexico.

{Can anyone reading this guess how many times the father committed perjury, while on the stand and lied to the judges on the case, by swearing under oath that i illegally removed my child from New Mexico? I was called a kidnapper repeatedly. I was accused of attempting to flee into Mexico. The father's attorney followed suit in damning me for illegally removing my child from New Mexico, despite CYFD clearing this with the court. The father and his lawyer have never been charged with perjury.}

The very next day, the sheriff's arrived at my parent's house. My mother answered the door. I heard her say "I do not speak English." I heard the male voice say, "here." As i walked up to the door (i was still dragging my right leg) I asked if i could interpret but no one was at the door anymore. I saw the Sheriff's vehicle outside leaving. My mother handed me some documents.

The father of my child had opened a paternity case in Bernalillo County, NM demanding sole legal and physical custody of our new born, based on mental illness, and based on my inability to take care of my child claiming that my child was in constant danger of me hurting him and claiming that i was harming by refusing him formula. The father also interestingly enough claimed that i had assaulted him and battered him on the evening of December 21, 2013 (the evening that he was arrested). The father also claimed that we were both residents of New Mexico, despite the father having just moved to NM on October 2013. He hadn't been in NM longer than 2.5 months. I of course had never been a resident of New Mexico.

There was a court hearing set within a few weeks. (When i ask for a court hearing, the judge takes 2-3 months to grant me a hearing, IF i am even granted a hearing.)

What type of court opens a custody case against an abused mother and child (who was conceived thru rape-medical records have been submitted to the court) by a father who had been arrested for battery and assault (he was never charged for illegally calling the police against me-filling false police reports) just days after the father was released from jail?!

This is how the judicial bullying on my custody case began December 2013. My child was born December 2013.

My journey started here and only worsened as every single day progressed in the corrupt family court system in Bernalillo County, New Mexico.

No matter what has been done to me, i keep hope.

My prayer for redemption is done twice daily because i know my God's grace and protection are always with my child and me.

A recent guardian article details the statistics of corrupt, incompetent, and biased judges in family courts nationwide. It is up to us, as citizens to come together to change what is broken in our system.

I am putting a call to action to all Judicial Bullying survivors, their friends and families to please help me support a set of new laws that i am lobbying for. Federal laws that make it harder for judges to do what has been done to my child and me. Federal laws that hold judges accountable for their illegal and criminal behavior. Federal laws that empower federal and state agencies alike to prosecute biased, corrupt and incompetent judges more easily. Federal laws that make it illegal for parents with a history of domestic violence to pursue sole legal and physical custody from a parent with NO criminal history. Federal laws to make it illegal for parents with current open criminal domestic violence cases to request sole custody from a parent who has no charges pending. Federal laws requiring judges for PROOF OF SOME KIND PRIOR TO REMOVING A HEALTHY CHILD FROM A HEALTHY HOME, FROM A HEALTHY PARENT, AGAINST CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES' ORDERS. To make it a crime, punishable by jail time, a child abuse criminal offense for a judge to behave in the manner that both judges in my cases have behaved.

To start, both of these judges must be removed from the bench. The only way to achieve this, is to VOTE THEM OUT. Please copy and paste this link to your social media. Please share it on all social media to get the word out. These judges must be voted out at the next election, for the sake of the children involved.

Sign my petition at Change.Org For more information, email me.

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